Ever wondered what your running dishwasher looks like from the inside? You and me both. You, me, and Youtuber Bito. Fortunately Bito has a GoPro and go-getter type attitude — he shot this video of the interior a running dishwasher. It’s mesmerizing to say the least. Still, I wonder what the inside of MY dishwasher looks like. I think it’d be a lot more complicated and bloody. I’ve got, like, an old fashioned kind of dishwasher. You see what I’m saying? I’m saying my dishwasher is me. You think my apartment came equipped with a G-D dishwasher? You’re nuts! It doesn’t even have windows or a proper door, just a cowhide separating my space from the outside world. That’s right, I live in a wigwam!


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Via: io9

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  1. Melissa B.

    Crazy. The bottom of my dishwasher looks a little bit different, so I’m sure it works a little bit different too, but it’s still totally fascinating and something I’ve wondered about.