This is a video that shows a floor routine performed by gymnasts blowing ass. The fart effects in question were added by Vimeo-er GHOST+COW FILMS. Eek, I hate bovine phantoms! The kid in you is totally gonna lose it, so let your inner child have some fun for once and give it a watch. Personally, I feel like a lot of the farts seemed… ill timed (just like in real life). Some seemed to be anticipated, others like an afterthought. What? People have strong opinions on basically everything, I can’t have a stance on a video about gymnasts farting during a routine? You can’t censor me!

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Via: Gizmodo


  1. Emily

    Good job wasting two minutes of everyones life because you have to humor of a three year old.

  2. seriously?

    Dear Diary, I wish I could read…

  3. Mike

    I feel sorry for you for not having a sense of humor and being a stupid cunt.

  4. paulakey

    Mike, never you this word. It shows anger that is out-of-control.