WARNING: Completely horrifying video if you’re even remotely afraid of heights. Seriously, hold on to your butts.

Youtuber MustangWanted posted this video of himself hanging from super high heights by just his hands. Clearly the man is insane. Oh, nope! No, actually, it says right here he’s Russian, so I take it back: this makes complete sense. In Soviet Russia, heights scared of YOU. Regardless of how stuff works over there, over here I am totally shitting myself right now. Shitting myself and vomiting at the same time. Which I did not think was humanly possible. Then again, I didn’t think hanging from a ledge a billionty feet up by just four fingers without shitting and vomiting was possible either. You learn something new every day! And some days you learn two new things.

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Via: Gizmodo


  1. Yegor Zubarets

    He is not russian. He is ukrainian ;)

  2. The Dude

    “makes complete *since*.” lol Nope, that sentence made no sense.

  3. Brittany High

    Whaaaaa thanks for catching that. Sometimes I make no cents

  4. Xoe

    Publicity is power, this is a lame stunt for attention, the kid doesn’t have much else to offer the world other than being suicidal for shock value. SADLY, this is going to get a shit ton of views and he’s probably going to get paid doing shit like this.

    And then we wonder why all of our teenagers are killing themselves

  5. Dickhead

    wooh wooh right oh Xoe, this guy filming himself hanguing from heights is causing high numbers of teen suicides? Where the fuck did you get your degree?

  6. SirinaJean

    yup, cool. and what happens the day one of hem fall? Not cool anymore.

  7. Soiled Pants

    I think I just shit myself.

  8. Dave

    You are a fucking idiot.

  9. anon

    That made my brain scream

  10. That guy

    “Sense” – I have a sense/feeling about something.
    “Since” – It has been a long time since I had ice cream.
    “Cents” – It takes one hundred cents to make one dollar.

    ….. You’re-(you are) welcome ……

  11. Lillabeff

    I am fucking sweating watching this

  12. Brittany High

    Thanks for the 411 my pal!

    I got one for you too:

    “joke” – the humorous or ridiculous element in something, an instance of jesting

  13. Ethan Park

    Yes. It’s clear that him stating an opinion that has possible validity while potentially having inaccurate remarks makes him an idiot. Now your comment makes you a genius.

  14. Ethan Park

    I’m fairly certain that Xoe is making a poor transition between two thoughts when trying to claim that misplacement of priorities, mental immaturity among our youth, and acting in excess is detrimental to our society along with an increase in teens becoming involved in ill-fated activities. Also, I don’t see a strong correlation between where someone got a degree and their ability to express clear, concise ideas with sound logic. Perhaps, what he got a degree in would prove to be a better indicator if anything.

  15. kisskissbangbang

    this made me clench my butt so tight i haven’t been able to poo for three days

  16. hank scorpio

    and how should I feel if he falls to his death? This is unnecessary risk-taking IMO.

  17. bitchmobteamgeneral

    whats wrong with the guy’s face at 0:28

  18. tomshiba

    Actually, I would say this guy suffers from no suicidal tendencies because he shows amazing confidence in his abilities. Most individuals I’ve known who tried or succeeded in suicide lacked confidence in themselves to an extent that they decided they didn’t belong in this life anymore.