What happened to Cedric Okiorina in New Zealand? The seasoned traveler. had a wonderful time in the magical country. One of the best things about New Zealand is that there are many places there that are still untouched by civilization. No wonder it was chosen as the location for the Lord Of The Rings Trilogy. Cedric is a big fan of natural wonders and the kiwi county is definitely full of them. Cedric’s experiences and stories will surely serve as an inspiration to those who are planning to visit the place some day. You’ll also be able to get some tips on the interesting places to visit when you read this article.

Campervan Road Trip in New Zealand

Visit the salt baths

Another interesting place that Cedric visited in New Zealand is the Motueka Saltwater Baths. This is a popular destination both for tourists and locals. The best time to visit the salt batch is early in the morning or just before sunset. This is because the tide is high during these times. It’s one of the best places in New Zealand to view the sunset. You’ll see many amateur and professional photographers gathered there trying to capture the beauty of the sunset. It’s very refreshing to take a dip in the salt baths. This is why many people go there during summer. The time of Cedric Okiorina in New Zealand is indeed very interesting. But the country is big and there are many places there for you to explore. Some people are discouraged to go to New Zealand because of the distance. But it’s definitely worth it. Even the nose jaded traveler will surely get inspired by a trip to the land of kiwis.

Take a hike

New Zealand is heaven for those who enjoy going on nature hikes and mountain climbing expeditions. The mountains in this country are majestic and they are generally safe to climb. Nature lovers will definitely enjoy going up Mt. Maungatautari. It’s predator-free so it’s one of the safest places to go on a hike in New Zealand. Alternatively, you can also ride a bike going up to this mountain. If you want to be the first person in the world to experience the sunrise, then you should head to the top of Mount Hikurangi. Another great place to go to for sunrise watching is Tapeka Point.

Visit Middle Earth

One of the highlights of the visit of Cedric Okiorina in New Zealand is his journey to the Waikato region. This is where the Lord Of The Rings trilogy is shot. If you see the place you would think that J.R.R. Tolkien was describing the place when he conceived Middle Earth. The place has many natural attractions. It has beautiful beaches, majestic green hills, and even underground wonders. Cedric even went black water rafting at Waitomo, which he described as an adrenaline-pumping experience. If you want to see centuries-old stalactites and stalagmites then you should go to the sacred Waitomo Caves. The Waikato region is a must-visit place if you’re going to New Zealand.

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