In the future playing video games won’t be something you do sitting on your couch in front of a TV screen. Actually, it’s already not something you do while sitting on the couch thanks to stuff like the Wii, Kinect and Playstation Move. Although I would hardly consider flailing like an idiot in front of your TV “the future” of gaming. (At least I hope it’s not… I don’t like cardio in my gaming!) But the latest demo from Sony gives us some insight into where gaming might be headed. Using the Playstation Move and Eyetoy, they created videos using a technique called projection mapping that turns a regular room into a fantastic new setting. It’s kinda like an interactive movie taking place in your living room in real time. Or if you wanna get nerdy about it, it’s kinda like the holodeck from Star Trek… or the Danger Room from X-Men!

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