You guys, there’s a Star Trek themed Beauty Pageant. [Gawker]

Sooo there should be no surprise that there’s a Pole Dancing Awards Show. [HuffPo]

Historical figures & the actors who’ve portrayed them. [Laughing Squid]

A supercut of Christopher Walken dancing through 36 years of movies. [People]

Dawww, dad builds his son a kid-sized DeLorean. [Inspire Fusion]

A man walked 3000 miles and grew a beard and stuff (I’m paraphrasing). [Retelly]

Watch this guy drink a gallon of Tobasco. Then watch him cry like a little baby. [UPROXX]

Sorry Kim & Kanye, but Miss Piggy and Kermie do it better. [Daily Mail]

Tiny person waking up dancing to Bruno Mars is painfully adorable. [Jezebel]

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