Since the outbreak of the corona pandemic, many people invest more time in leisure activities and self care. By that we (unfortunately) do not mean in- and outdoor activities such as going to a (theme) park, sportclub, zoo, wellness centre or cinema – many of these places are closed due to corona. But we do mean all the activities that have to do with taking some time for yourself, time to destress and clear your head. Think of a yoga-session in the morning, a long beachwalk or walk in the park or an overnight stay in a so-called tiny house in the woods with wellness facilities… Some people though look closer to home. They buy a jacuzzi, hot tub or sauna so that they can relax whenever they like and don’t have to leave their home to be able to find some inner peace. But when it comes to buying wellness facilities, the possibilities are endless. In this article, we therefore talk about two popular choices for wellness: the jacuzzi and hot tub. What would you choose? 

Enjoying nature and complete silence 

Some people don’t need much to be able to relax. Others need to be surrounded by nature and can only find inner peace when it’s quiet and when they can hear the birds sing. If you’re one of the latter, then a hot tub is the right choice for you. A hot tub with a wood-burning stove as a heat source is nature at its best. A traditional hot tub is made out of wood which gives the hot tub a natural look. It fits perfectly in any garden. A jacuzzi on the other hand, has a modern look and also a powerful motor which you can hear running continuously. The jets of jacuzzi are great for massage but not so great when it comes to noise. A hot tub works on a natural basis, no electronics, no pumps, just a wood-fired stove with the relaxing sounds of a crackling fire. 

Gadgets and more

A traditional hot tub is quite simple: you can enjoy the heat of the water and the soothing sound of nature. There are no fancy gadgets included. A jacuzzi on the other hand, often contains many cool gadgets. Think for example of bubbles and massage jets, built-in speakers with bluetooth and colourful LED lights that you can adapt to your mood. Do you want to enjoy your spa to the fullest with all fancy gadgets included? Then a jacuzzi may be the one for you. 


And then of course you have the price. A hot tub is way cheaper in terms of purchase and maintenance. A jacuzzi is often at least two to three times as expensive. That has nothing to do with the quality of a hot tub. It mainly has to do with all the extra gadgets a jacuzzi has. Some jacuzzis are less expensive and still have some extras, such as inflatable jacuzzis (Dutch: opblaasbare jacuzzi). 

Do you value the gadgets such as massage jets, lighting and music, and are you willing to pay for these extras? Then the jacuzzi is probably the best option for you. If you want to enjoy the beauty of nature without any distracting noises and don’t want to pay a fortune? Then maybe you should choose for the hot tub. But whatever choice you make, much pleasure and relaxation for body and mind certainly awaits you. 

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