Between Cee-Lo Green dropping f-bombs and Ke$ha… just being Ke$ha, the pop music scene has gotten pretty out of control. Lyrics about sex and drugs fill the radio waves while music videos pass for porn these days. And while most of us became numb to the whole thing after seeing Maddona get felt up in PVC catsuit over a decade ago, some sensitive Christians who’ve been living in a bubble of home-schooling and Creed concerts are very upset with the state of things. So upset that they’ve taken it upon themselves to re-write popular songs with God-friendly lyrics and post videos on the internet. The results range from hilariously bad to highly offensive, covering artists like Beyonce, Lady Gaga, KISS and Katy Perry. Some of the videos try to be fun and cute, like “Provo, Utah Girls” which is a parody of California Gurls, while others lack any level of cleverness or tact, like Westboro Baptist Church’s “God Hates Lady Gaga” video. Check out the list of Christian parodies that cure the 7 deadly pop-song sins if you think you can handle music videos that make Rebecca Black’s Friday video look good.

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  1. amanda

    They’re mormons, it’s a whole new breed of Christians…

  2. Fred

    Ain’t that weird?