Haven’t you always wondered, if you could get your hands on the things they showcased in Harry Potter? The magical wand, the invisible cloak, the quidditch ball or the wizard chess? Well, we can’t have all that we wish for, but thanks to ‘Square off’, now you sure can get the ‘wizard chess’ home!

Square Off lets you experience the magic of an automated chess board. Paired to the mobile app, it lets you play a game of chess against anyone across the globe or challenge the built in artificial intelligence. And all this happening on a handcrafted wooden board, is a joy to watch!

Square Off positions itself as the smartest ‘all in one’ chess solution in the market today!  An always-ready partner for your leisure board-gaming or a robust chess engine for the aspiring grandmasters. With 20 different difficulty levels, it offers something for everybody! A partnership with chess.com, also allows Square Off users to challenge a 21 million+ community of chess lovers around the world!

It is surely an amazing bridge that combines the strengths of online and real-world games. Square Off offers 2 variants – The Kingdom & The Grand Kingdom Set. The Grand Kingdom Set has a little edge over the other with a guaranteed parking space for each piece and an autoreset function as well.

Looking to gift something special? It’s new-age, its intelligent, its connected and handcrafted. Fits nicely for every age group, sits nicely in every living room. Square off has truly revolutionized the way chess can be played!

Get it today on our website: Squareoffnow.com

Price. 329$ and 399$

You can use the promo code “INCREDIBLE10” to avail a 10% discount on the Chessboards.

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