Sorry to disappoint you but Jeff Wysaski (aka the Pleated Jeans guy) isn’t actually working on a novel. Rumor is that he was working on one but scrapped the project when the publisher couldn’t figure out how to print a book with animated gifs. However Jeff has put together a video in which he reads “excerpts from his novel” which are actually jokes from his twitter account @pleatedjeans. While most of the lines are really unexpected and strange, one of them sounds like something that happens almost every Friday night at the Wendy’s near where I used to live in Philly:

“Lunch is on me!” announced the crazy homeless man as he placed a hamburger on top of his head and began marching around the restaurant attempting to high-five all the other patrons.

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  1. Nikki Alexander

    Nuts! Said the girl who pulled out her epi-pen because someone fed her shellfish. (I just made that one up.)