Tumblr-er Let There Be Doodles created this series of Disney Princesses reimagined as dudes. They look… pretty. So let’s call it a series of Disney Princesses reimagined as really pretty dudes. There. Fixed it. Also getting fixed? My dog. Yep, they’re taking the coins out of his coin purse. Well, kinda. I mean, his balls never actually dropped, they’re just floating around somewhere in his abdomen. So yeah it’s more like the coin purse is empty and the coins in question are just loose somewhere in a handbag. I imagine attempting to locate those coins is like digging through your pockets hoping you have enough change to feed the parking meter. Yeah, real poetic stuff.









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  1. MJ

    …Is it me, or does Megara suddenly look a lot like Tyson RItter?

  2. Anne N Emus

    I only know who two of those princesses are…

  3. Laishram Romal Michael Singh

    :: Such hotness… *sigh* ::

  4. Jackie Baird

    In order, top to bottom: Ariel, Cinderella, Tiana, Esmeralda, Megara, Belle, Jasmine, Aurora, Pocahontas.

  5. Jane

    Esmeraldo is my favorite, even though he looks like he just wants one thing…

  6. Mickie

    Why don’t I see the difference with Mulan woman and Mulan male ?…

  7. Becky Kokai Flook

    Mulan isn’t one of the Princesses shown.

  8. Fidget Zaftig

    because A) Mulan isn’t in this list… and 2- that was already done in the movie. >.<

  9. Victoria

    Esmeralda is soooo sexy!!! =F

  10. Daniel L. Cox

    Tiana looks like The Prez

  11. Chris

    They look like kids. I wanna if I were a pedophile I would fuck all of them in a group.

  12. Jane Smith

    These are all my gay ex-husband’s fantasies. Seriously.

  13. Jane Smith

    Yeah….”if” you were one. -_-;