Are you about to move into your new college dorm? It’s completely normal to feel nervous, but there are many mistakes to avoid on this momentous day in order to ensure a smooth transition.

On Campus Marketing, or OCM, is a one stop shop for college essentials. OCM serves over 900 campuses nationwide, making shopping for college essentials easier and more affordable for over six million families and counting. They know how important it is for each student to express their unique and authentic style in their dorm room. OCM provides their list of the top six mistakes to avoid when moving into your dorm.

Forgetting to Fuel Up

Moving is almost always more strenuous than you think it’s going to be. It also usually takes longer than you plan for. Plus, when moving into a dorm room, you’re dealing with hundreds of other kids moving in on the same day, as well as other activities like orientation. In order to stay energized throughout the whole ordeal, remember to fuel up in advance and bring additional pick-me-ups with you. We’re talking about coffee, cold water, and snacks. The early days of September are usually quite hot, no matter if you’re attending school in Florida or New York, so a cold, refreshing drink is an absolute must.

Failing to Coordinate with Your Roommate

Most colleges will provide you with the name and contact information of your future roommate in advance. Take advantage of this information. Not only will getting to know your roommate before move-in help keep your nerves at bay, it will also provide an opportunity to discuss important logistical matters, shares OCM. It’s a good idea to talk to your roommate about what larger items they plan on bringing and if there are any you can share. For example, you don’t want to show up on move-in day, both having brought a 50” television or mini fridge. In addition, try and find out what time they plan on arriving for move-in day, so you can plan to arrive at a different time. As mentioned above, dorm rooms are typically not very spacious, which means you definitely don’t want to be moving in at the same time.

Filling Up Your Dorm Room with Too Much Stuff

Yet another mistake that OCM has witnessed numerous times is when students fill up their dorm room with stuff. Even if you don’t mind living in a more cramped environment, a room with no empty space is going to be a problem if you ever want to have a friend over. Minimalism is the way to go when moving into a dorm room.

Forgetting to Bring Supplies

Generally speaking, you do not need a toolbox to move into a dorm. However, there are a few key tools that you should probably have with you. If you intend to hang any artwork on your walls, then you will likely need a hammer or hooks. Many dorms have restrictions on what you can hang on the wall, so be sure to read up on your building’s policies before you hang anything. In addition, if you want to connect a TV to the wall or install a rod or hooks for hanging coats or towels, a screwdriver is also a good idea. Adhesives and tape are also a smart idea to have on hand.

Taking the time to plan ahead will make moving into your new dorm easy and fun!


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