The education sphere is rapidly changing around the globe, but it’s clear to see a difference in standard curriculum depending on where you are in the world. Culture, location, resources, and environmental factors influence the methods that work and don’t work for certain populations. 

There are systems that favor independent working, as well as free online reading programs for struggling readers. Take a look at some of the most popular reading tips, tricks, and resources based on geographic location.

Mobile Reading Apps

No matter where students are in the world, access to mobile devices is a growing metric coast to coast. With more schools gaining access to internet-connected devices and wi-fi networks, mobile apps are an effective way to teach and reinforce learning skills. 

This form of remote learning is helping to connect more remote locations, from Afghanistan to Argentina. As these areas are affected by rigid government media requirements, they can use apps that are customizable to the needs of their respective citizens. 

Many online reading programs are free or low cost, and they include a wide range of helpful tools like:

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Dynamic reporting
  • Voice-enabled progress tracking
  • Remote dashboard connectivity
  • Interactive story library
  • Growth measurement benchmarks

By accurately tracking and adapting to the readers’ progress, mobile reading apps are an efficient solution for independent learners and those who are studying remotely.

School on Television

Some regions around the world don’t have ready access to internet and mobile devices, so television providers are helping to keep kids’ brains going while schools are closed. 

Bangladesh is one of the countries that is using this method. The state-owned television station BTV broadcasts classes for grades six through ten from morning until lunchtime. 

Los Angeles, California is using the same technique to provide educational resources to areas that typically suffer from low attendance. By giving families various learning options based on household need, impacted neighborhoods have the potential to improve absenteeism rates and engagement across all grades.

Even before the pandemic, combining education and entertainment has shown positive signs of interest and engagement through various markets. By encouraging children to ask questions and learn more about unfamiliar themes, television programs are able to successfully merge learning and fun. Since small children have shorter attention spans, this method is even more effective among younger groups.

This form of accessible education is helping to bring learning resources to more and more households, regardless of their socioeconomic status.

Independent Study

When it comes to individualistic learning and customizable educational environments, Finland is certainly paving the way. In this small Scandinavian nation, teachers are given a high level of autonomy and students are expected to take the reins – but at a slightly older age. 

Finns don’t start school until the age of seven, but they jump into a wide range of subjects quickly to pick up speed. 

Preschool is also prioritized in this part of the world, and it’s highly accessible and provided free of cost by the government.

Fostering Reading Interest

China is one of the world’s leading pioneers when it comes to cultivating a love for reading in students. In this country of more than a billion individuals, engagement is key for educational success. 

In addition to this east Asian nation, South Korea is also famous for their interesting rhetorical tools. They favor bilingual education, and tend to use curriculums that apply a deeper sense of imagery as opposed to more literal texts.

Worldwide education has changed significantly as the pandemic sent students home, moved classrooms online, and put pupils and educators at risk. Technology has come a long way to protect users, both off and online, while helping struggling readers efficiently and effectively improve their skills. 

Whether you’re working with a new reader or need a refresher, these are a few of the most popular reading tips and tactics around the world.

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