One of the major purchases you’ll make in your lifetime is your own vehicle. With the pandemic bringing uncertainty in the safety of mass transportation, your own private car may be the logical choice to get from point A to point B. If you’re someone who has never bought one before or wasn’t really planning on getting one, here are some tips on how to make an informed decision when getting your first car:

Get a License

Unless you’ve been driving your parents’ car or you have someone who can chauffeur you around, you’re going to need a driver’s license. If you live around Leicester, getting driving lessons Leicester or where it’s convenient is an integral part of obtaining a license. It’s important to get into a reputable driving school to get a specific, informative, and refreshing take on learning safe driving as well as keeping abreast with the requirements in getting your license.

Have a Budget

This part ultimately lets you know what car you should buy. Generally, you don’t want to pay more than 10% of your gross monthly income for your car that includes principal, interest, and insurance. The figure allows you to have more bandwidth for mortgages, utilities, and other obligations. The downpayment is usually around 20% of the car’s value, but if you want to pay lesser monthly dues, you can pay more upfront.

You will then have to deal with insurance, registration, and usage costs. Large vehicles typically have lower mileage than sedans, they also use more fuel, and the parts are more expensive. All these factors will have to be considered before you go out to the dealership.

If you’re looking to finance your car, make sure you read up on the details of what the dealership offers with what the bank has. Unless they have special offers on interest rates, financing from a dealership can’t be as good as what you can get from a bank. Make sure you settle your credit before going in.

What Type of Car Do You Need

It may be true that bigger vehicles can be costlier than smaller compacts, but if you’re regularly towing heavy cargo or have a big family, then a compact sedan wouldn’t cut it. You will also have to evaluate your needs and your preference for your car. Do you require an active four-wheel-drive system? Is safety for kids your priority? Do you often go off-road? Identifying the needs that the car will satisfy will help you narrow your search and not get swayed by shiny convertibles if you need an SUV.

Find a Dealership

After you’ve spent countless hours reviewing cars online, it’s time to find the right dealership with the best offers to finally see it in person. You can browse online for car dealerships and see their inventory on the type of vehicle you want. You can then give them a call to ask if that car is available for a test drive. A dealership that doesn’t allow for a test drive is a big flaming red flag.

For many, owning your first car can be an exciting moment as well as daunting with so many choices offered on the market not to mention the renowned tactics of a car salesman. Hence, even if you already have the checklist, it’s always good to bring someone you trust when you go to the dealership. It helps to have someone familiar with your situation and can be your sounding board to make a rational decision and not get easily swayed by attractive distractions.


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