Keeping a car in mint condition isn’t always easy, but getting your hands on a quality car cover is an excellent way to ensure your ride keeps looking great. Even vehicles stored indoors should have some sort of cover to make sure dust and stray sunlight doesn’t lead to spots or poor finishes.

Not every cover is constructed the same way, and a lot of the difference comes down to materials used. If you’re looking for more than just dash covers for trucks and need something to encase your whole vehicle, make sure you know which material is best for you.


The first thing to consider when looking for custom car covers is where you plan to store your vehicle. There are inherent differences between indoor and outdoor materials, and while some might work well in one situation, they may be overkill or not enough protection in others.

The Ultraweave fabric is an excellent option for vehicles primarily stored outdoors for prolonged periods. Using a 150-D yarn that resists stretching, it will retain its shape over time while offering excellent UV and rain protection. In addition, it’s a lightweight cover that is easy to handle daily, and small to mid-sized covers can even be washed and dried at home.


Silver coated for the ultimate in heat and UV protection, Extremeweave covers are meant to handle even the toughest weather conditions. It retains an excellent fit in all temperatures and a multi-ply fabrication keeps it breathable while ensuring water stays outside.

This excellent protection doesn’t compromise softness since Extremeweave covers are non-abrasive to keep paint jobs not only protected from the elements but scratch-free as well. Even though it’s a thicker material, it still folds up to a very compact size and is machine-washable.


Another excellent option for outdoor use, Stormweave material is designed specifically to take on the harshest forms of precipitation. Protecting your vehicle from dents and dings, it has five thick layers that absorb impacts from debris and precipitates like sleet and hail.

While it can be used for indoor protection since it also repels dust and standard liquids, Stormweave is best for vehicles that find themselves spending a majority of time outside. Also, because of its thicker construction, larger covers would be difficult to remove so this material is often utilized as a convertible cover for quick set up and removal.


This is one of the best outdoor car cover materials bar none. Using a patented Hydromax” finish, it repels water and moisture and retains breathability, letting water evaporate quickly to reduce risk of mildew. In addition, it is lined with a fleece-like layer for exceptional scratch protection. It’s also thin enough to fold down to a third of the size other outdoor car covers do.

Superweave Premium

For year-round indoor and outdoor protection, no material works as hard as Superweave Premium. The exterior is specially formulated for UV resistance while exceptional dust protection and breathability makes this an excellent choice no matter where your vehicle is stored.

No matter how you choose to house your vehicle, make sure that it’s safe from dust, sunlight or precipitation. Search online for toppers made from these excellent materials to make sure that, no matter what it may encounter, your car is covered!


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