Shipping a car is an expensive affair and a shipping calculator provided by almost all car shipping companies can be very beneficial to plan your budget. These online calculators calculate instant car shipping quotes and provide you with the approximate shipping rates. Following is some information on car shipping cost calculators.


Factors Influencing the Cost of Car Shipping

When it comes to car shipping, the first thing that everyone wants is, to receive a fair and reasonable price. There are many factors that play an important role in car shipping rate including distance, route, vehicle size, vehicle operation status, and even the time of the year when the vehicle gets shipped.


Information Required to Get a Quote:

You will need to provide some information to the service provider to get the price quote which includes the details of zip code or city/state for pickup and delivery locations, Year, make, and model of the transported vehicle, the operational status of the vehicle, transport type like enclosed or open trailer, and shipping date.


Transit Time

Time taken to reach your destination place i.e. transit time is another factor that considers your car shipping price. Price quote is developed by searching by Zip Code for City and State. Companies charge extra for places that are further from the main highways and largely populated cities though it is cheaper to transport between large. The prices may even go up further when people move from colder states to warmer states. Most people prefer to arrange relocation during the summer. This drives demand and prices up.


Details of Car

Car details including type and size of the car help auto shipping companies to determine the quote properly as the larger is the vehicle the more expensive will the rate be. Smaller vehicles are light and can be placed on any spot on a trailer, so are convenient and cheaper for transporting. Even carriers prefer to transport small cars so that is another reason for their lower transportation rates.


Luxury and Classic Vehicles

Luxury and classic vehicles are usually transported on enclosed trailers so charge higher for premium luxury vehicles and classic cars. Therefore it is extremely important to give the proper specification of the vehicle to the carrier so that they can determine the required trailer type and make the quotation accordingly.


Enclosed or Open Transportation Preferences

Auto Shipping companies provide open and enclosed transport options for your vehicle. You can choose enclosed if you want to protect your car from the elements like dirt, wind, and weather and it is obviously more expensive, however, you get higher insurance coverage for our vehicle. This method of transportation is great for vehicles whose values exceed $100,000. Open car transport is cheaper and is still safe. It doesn’t matter what options you will choose, because we ensure that every driver carries enough coverage for each vehicle.


Operability of the Vehicle

The operational condition of your vehicle also decides the shipping charges as operable vehicles are cheaper to transport. It is so because inoperable vehicles make it harder and it takes longer to load and unloaded. Shipping carrier has to install a winch on the trailer for inoperable vehicles and they add charges for the winch in addition to the transport rate. Moreover inoperable vehicles might block other cars as each spot on the trailer is meant for a specific car with dimensions and weight. The carrier may face a loss as the driver may be required to drop off this car first since it’s blocking other vehicles.


Shipping Date

It is always advisable to pick the first available date on the company calendar as fixing and demanding a specific date may increase the price as same day or exact day pickups can be scheduled for extra costs and are available only on urgent requests.

A regular service pickup takes 1-7 days from the booking day as company carries multiple vehicles together. It is recommendedto plan ahead your shipping to save some money. So if you are not in a rush it’s always a good idea to book your car shipping service in advance to get the best rates. On the other hand expedited service takes 1-3 days and if you choose this transport service, the carrierkeeps your vehicle in the top priority list.


Deposit for Car Shipping

There is a certain amount that generally auto shipping companies charge from the client to book a spot on the carrier’s trailer for them. Though there are also services that arrange your shipment without a deposit so talk to your service provider about it.


Considerable Shipping Rates

Though the car shipping rates may vary company to company but generally they are similar for all reputable companies as good companies work only with reputable carriers with clean driving record. These companies provide your vehicle with full insurance coverage and we will ensure it is transported by reliable carrier.

It is very important to find the best auto shipping company, get the best quote and enjoy assurance of safe car shipping services. Use this guide and ensure that you ship your vehicle safely and easily to your new address.


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