Auto glass is one of the more vulnerable parts of your vehicle. So, it’s but wise to anticipate that it needs maintenance, too. As you learn about Auto Glass Hamilton or windshield repair, or auto glass shop, read on what you should look out for to know if your auto glass is ripe for a-fixing.

5 Windshield Repair-Red Flags

1. Impaired Driving Vision

Here’s something that isn’t immediately noticeable. Yet it should be noticeable enough because it directly affects the way you drive. If your auto glass messes up your depth perception as you pedal to the metal, or if it seems to have a blur that doesn’t go away after having wiped the screen inside-out, there’s your first repair-red flag.

If mere wiping with a glass cleaner doesn’t work, then it’s probably ready for buffing. That or your windshield repair partner may have to change its entire film.

2. White Haze

White haze is a completely different windshield issue from just blurriness. The “white” discolouration is very visible to the naked eye. You can immediately see it. It often accumulates close to or around the edges of the windshield. And this implies that its PVB materials are beginning to be stripped off from the glass itself.

PVB or polyvinyl butyral is responsible for keeping the integrity of an auto glass intact. In the event of a collision or any similar degree of impact, it can prevent shattering and/or fragmenting. Unfortunately, it’s a safety feature that’s often neglected when it comes to vehicle maintenance.

If you catch sight of portions of white haze on your windscreen, it’s time to contact a repair company to rectify this.

3. Windshield Pitting

Windshield pitting inherently occurs on most auto glass surfaces as a result of wear-and-tear over time. The glass itself naturally, but very slowly, deteriorates starting from the layer that’s most exposed to weathering elements.

What’s worse is that unless it’s replaced, the area where the heavy pitting is will only widen in scope.

Besides being an eyesore, it can obscure visibility. And driving discomfort isn’t the only problem here. An unclear driving view is a recipe for mishaps on the road.

4. Internal Damage

Unlike external cracks and scratches, minor damages on the internal layer of a windshield aren’t easily identifiable. At times, drivers aren’t even aware of said internal damage until the affected portions have incurred heavier, more considerable impairments.

A simple practice you should include in your car maintenance routine is to run your fingers along the inner surface of the auto glass. This way, cracks that aren’t visibly apparent will be traced. Mark them with glass-safe stickers and let the windshield experts analyze said impairments.

If they’re found to be internal damage and not mere removable scuff marks, then they’ll simply handle its overall glass replacement.

5. Poor Windshield Installation

It’s always best to go for reputable auto glass repair companies instead of trying to DIY windshield installation in your own home. Studies have shown that most ill-fitted windshields are caused by a lack of detailed inspection and careful installation processes, by non-experts.

Using the wrong adhesives, failing to take the proper precaution so that bonding agents aren’t compromised when the glass is being fitted in, ensuring an ideal molding position, getting rid of loose fittings, etc. There’s much more to this list that can be resolved by entrusting windshield repair and replacement to the professionals.

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