If you own a vehicle, then you need to know how to properly take care of it. Here are a few vehicle maintenance tips that everyone should know.

Can you keep your car on the road?

Your car is an expensive investment that isn’t only used for commuting. It also tows your boat, travels at your home away from home during your vacation, and transports your friends and family. If it goes by the wayside, your normal life comes to a screeching halt.

Car maintenance is the responsibility of every driver. You should know these vehicle maintenance tips, the warning signs to look out for, and the simple things you can do yourself.

Be prepared by becoming informed.

Checking the Engine Oil Levels

Engine oil keeps the engine functioning and helps keep internal parts lubricated. Therefore, checking the oil levels is critical to preventing engine wear and tear. To ensure proper oil levels, be sure to read the owner’s manual and measure the oil level with a dipstick when the engine is OFF and when it is COLD.

Lastly, remember to check your fluids and provide general proactive maintenance so you don’t reach the point of having to “junk a car“. Doing these simple things can save you time and money while also greatly increasing the lifespan of your car.

Monitor the Tire Pressure and Condition

If the tires on a vehicle are neglected, the risk of accidents and dangerous situations increases. Therefore, it is important to check and monitor the tire pressure and condition of a vehicle. To maintain good tire conditions and tire pressure, the tires should be inspected every month and inflated according to the manufacturer’s guide.

Check the Brake Pads

Ensuring that your vehicle’s brake pads are in good working order should be a simple decision for all drivers. To check, remove the wheel of your vehicle and inspect the brake pads. If it wore the brake pads down and at less than 1⁄4 inch, they must replace; otherwise, your vehicle may not stop in time, and an accident could occur.

During a professional brake check, mechanics inspect the brakes, rotors, and other parts associated with ensuring everything is up to standard.

Monitor the Battery Terminals

Making sure the battery terminals in your vehicle are clean and free of any corrosion is one of the most important auto maintenance tips to consider! Corrosion will cause your old vehicle to lose power because of the hindrance of electricity flow, so keeping the terminals clean is very important. You can clean the terminals with a mixture of baking soda and water.

Once the terminals are clean and dry, it’s a good idea to coat them with a thin layer of petroleum jelly. This will help to ensure that they stay in good condition and don’t corrode again.

Car breakdown on road. Car broken down with red emergency stop sign warning triangle on the road.nYoung man maintenance, fixing car accident repair on street. mechanic open car hood checking car engine.

Maintenance Checkup Done Regularly

Regular maintenance is key for keeping your car healthy and running smoothly. At a minimum, you should have a checkup done on your vehicle every few months or about every 5,000 km.

Regular maintenance will help prevent costly problems down the road and help keep your vehicle running efficiently. Sticking to regular service intervals will help ensure your car is in its best condition and help protect your investment.

Vehicle Maintenance You Must Know

Vehicle maintenance is an important and often overlooked aspect of vehicle ownership. Proper preventative maintenance, such as oil changes, can save you time, energy, and money. By following these simple tips regularly, your vehicle will be more reliable and efficient. Take action now and ensure that your vehicle is running smoother and safer!

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