Buying a car these days is very necessary. A car is used every day in our life. There might be a lot of confusion before buying a car. Especially, when buying a used car, there are a lot of questions. However, if you follow certain steps to buy a car, you will get a great deal on the car.

A revs check can be the initial step to buying your car. Revs check report is a complete report about the previous incidents that have occurred to the car. It can tell the history of previous owners, registration, legalities, and everything you will need on the journey to buying a used car.

So, here are the steps to get a great deal on a used car. These steps will not only help you get a great deal but also will make you aware of things to do before buying a used car.

Step 1: Get A mechanic to inspect the car

Before buying a car that has been used by someone else before, you should consult a mechanic or an expert to check all the parts. Here is list of things that actually matter a lot and here is a checklist to inspect before buying a used car:


Check the engine and the function. Aso makes sure the fluids in the engine are fresh and were replaced regularly. Also, don’t buy a car whose engine has been opened for any reason.

Interiors and Exteriors

Check the interior for all the functionalities and your comfort. Also don’t buy a car that has a history of accidents previously, which has dents and marks. Apart from these check for any leaks or damages on the top and bottom of the car as well.

Brakes, Clutch, Fuel Tank, Steering

Inspecting the brakes, clutch, and steering is a mandatory thing. Always check the fuel tank and the mileage the car provides. A car with bad mileage is not so good and a wise choice for a second-hand car.

Step 2: Do A background check on the dealership and the previous owner

Always do a background check on the dealership. Make sure they are going to help you if any trouble comes up. Also, a thorough background check of the previous owner can make things more convenient and easy.

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Step 3: Compare Prices 

Once you are sure about buying a car, compare prices for the same car around the locality and other dealerships as well. This will help you know the range of money you will be spending on the car and the limit to which you should be spending it.

Step 4: Negotiate

Once you have compared the prices, you can now negotiate and reach an agreement on the benefits of both parties. Don’t pay more than the worth of the car.

Step 5: Take A Test Ride

Once everything is settled, take a test ride and see if the car is comfortable enough for you.

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