Picture this, you just bought a brand spanking new Ram 1500 pickup truck and you are cruisin’ down the highway to your favorite song. That feeling alone is amazing, but what can you do to make it even better? Modifying it to be even better (yes, it’s possible!). Pickup owners all have one thing in common, they like to personalize their trucks. The best way to do this is by visiting your local Ram dealer to find genuine OEM accessories.

Check out these 10 absolute must have new truck modifications. Adding these mods to your ride will add performance, capability and style. What else could you want?

1. Air Intake

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Who said trucks can’t be fast? If you have a need for speed, you have to add an upgraded cold air intake system to your engine. There are plenty of options when it comes to aftermarket air intake systems, but our personal favorite is Mopar.

If you are unfamiliar with cold air intakes and how they work, listen up! Basically, the air intake system introduces cooler air into the combustion chambers which does a couple things. First, it adds more power and torque to the engine. And, it allows the engine to use less fuel to power itself. Both outcomes are clearly beneficial!

Adding an aftermarket air intake system can add up to 25 horsepower to your engine. Considering an air intake will cost you roughly $200 it is a small investment for a large outcome.

2.  Custom Exhaust

custom exhaust available at miami lakes automall

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Chances are, if you have a big truck, you want to flaunt it! With that being said, the louder the better, right? That is where a custom exhaust comes into play. Not only will a custom exhaust add to the capability of your truck, but it will make everyone aware that it is doing so.

For just a couple hundred dollars, you will be turning heads everywhere you go. The exhaust system itself won’t add too much power; however, in combination with an air intake system, the exhaust acts as a horsepower multiplier. Any local dealership service center can install it for you if DIY isn’t your style.

A custom exhaust will also benefit your truck by increasing the vehicle’s torque. By doing so, capabilities both on and off-road are impacted significantly (in a good way).

3. Performance Chip

add a performance chip to your truck

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Adding a performance chip is another way to increase your truck’s performance, capability and power. In combination with the exhaust and air intake mentioned above, you can expect your truck to gain a lot more power, says Callum from www.hgvtrainingsussex.co.uk.

A performance chip allows you to really tap into your truck’s potential. When you get your new pickup it is programmed to specific factory settings. However, the performance chip will allow you to change and alter these settings, resulting in extra power and the ability to customize your trucks performance. Be careful to select the right chip because some chips can affect your warranty.

4. Suspension System and Lift Kits

lift kit at miami lakes automall

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Apart from adding performance and power to your Ram 1500, what about increasing the off-road prowess (even though it is already an extremely capable vehicle)?

A new suspension will stiffen your ride and allow for better handling both on and off-road. Adding the lift kit will allow for higher ground clearance and allow for larger wheels and tires which undoubtedly increase off-road capability. Just be sure to only buy brand name lift kits and have them installed by a lift kit installer! There is a lot more to lift kits than a simple installation.

5. Brakes

performance brakes from your local car dealer

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Of course the brakes that come with your Ram 1500 or Ram HD are efficient and safe. However, if you plan to do a lot of heavy hauling, it may be better to invest in aftermarket brakes just to add an extra bit of safety to your truck.

High performance brakes are designed just for that. They have the ability to work under the toughest of circumstances without losing any integrity. This is a must have truck mod for heavy haulers!

6. Roof Rack

roof rack for ram 1500

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A roof rack is a truck accessory many drivers choose to add to their truck. Roof racks serve many different purposes. Whether you use your trucks for work, play, or a combination of them both, you can never have too much space for cargo. If you want to revamp the features of your roof rack and make it into a full aluminum and modular, making it extremely lightweight and versatile, then, you can definitely count on with Prinsu Design Studio Accessories.

Sure you can fit most items you would want in the bed, but what about those items that are larger and take up too much space? Surfboards and paddleboards, kayaks, mattresses and ladders are just a few of the many items that could be strapped to a roof rack and keep your bed open for other cargo. Truck dealerships offer the roof rack as an upgrade and will install it for you.

7. Step Bars

Photo source: Ram 1500 Diesel Forum

If you took our advice and invested in a lift kit, your truck is tall! It looks great, it is more capable, but now climbing into it is probably very difficult (unless you are very tall). Step bars will fix that problem for you and your passengers will surely be grateful.

Don’t worry, they look cool too! They add a “finished look” to your truck. There are plenty of options when it comes to step bars as well. Some fold out of the truck when you open the door, so if for some reason you do not like the step look, no one even has to know they are there.

8. Customized Wheels

truck tires miami lakes ram

Photo source: Big Chief Tire

Add some unique wheels or as we like to call them “hot wheels.” There are endless options when it comes to wheels. Chrome? Black? Color? There is something for everyone! Find the design that fits you, and add a custom feel with a touch of your personality to your pickup!

9. Bigger, Badder Tires

custom wheels from miami lakes automall

Photo source: American Force Wheels

Trucks look awesome with bigger and chunkier tires. the two purposes are added capability and added style. If you plan to off-road a lot, you will want to invest in larger tires. This is a good way to kill two birds with one stone and add style and capability with one (well, four) items!

You have plenty of options when it comes to tires. if you purchase a full lift kit, you can add the tires and wheels to it and take care of it all at once. Our Miami Service Department can help you with that!

10. Light the Night!

add lights to truck

Photo source: Rough Country

Furthermore, a range of shapes & sizes are available to match the plate to the shape of your truck.

Bonus item!   4D Number Plates

For pickup truck enthusiasts in the UK, premium 4D number plates from SurePlates are a popular trending license plate style and visual upgrade to your truck. 4D plates are a premium plate option available for all vehicle types. Gloss black digits are laser cut from acrylic and bonded to the surface of the plate. The luxurious plates will give your truck the aesthetic overhaul it craves. They can also be customized with borders, flags, and other options for a unique personalized plate.

Last but certainly not least, lights. If you don’t already have fog lights, get them! They are extremely beneficial for off-roading at night and look pretty dope.

LED light bars are always a crowd favorite when it comes to truck mods. You will never have a problem seeing at night again (even on the darkest of trails). Or, if you don’t want to be a show off and add a huge light bar across the front of your truck, you can always just purchase bright truck LEDs for the current headlights and taillights on your Ram 1500 and swap them out. If you are a frequent overlander or off-roader, invest in rock lights. You can read all about the best rock lights at Overlandsite.com.

Other options include upgrades to the truck’s audio, such as adding the best 12 inch subwoofers.

Interested in adding these mods to your Ram truck? Check out our huge lineup at Miami Lakes Automall here. If you already have a Ram truck and need parts and service, we can help you out with that too!

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