The E-Urinal is a concept design by Royce Zhang. Activate the touchscreen device to begin monitoring and take a leak. It measures your PH/SG/URO/BLO/WBC/PRO/GLI/BIL/KET/LOL/GTFO levels and gives you a health rating based on your reading. Wow, this seems just as embarrassing as weighing myself at the mall on one of those scales in the bathroom that also gives your lucky number. But instead of that snooty mom giving me the stink eye because I’m screaming at the scale for giving me an INACCURATE reading, it’ll be because the E-Urinal just announced that I drink too much and I should probably get some help. Yeah, but you know what lady? Your son is way too gotdamn old to be in the women’s restroom! I think we can all agree that 13 years old is old enough to use the bathroom by yourself.

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