Watch A Cat Tuck Herself Into Her Miniature People Bed

This is a minute long video of a cat tucking herself into her miniature people bed. I found it adorable, and yet, as it ended, I found myself saying “WTF did I just watch?” out loud, to no one in particular. Or perhaps it was to everyone in particular. The verdict is absolutely out on that one and I don’t know that it’s gonna come back.

The amount of time and care this cat puts into getting comfy for bed really made me re-evaluate how little time and care I put into getting comfy for bed. My night routine is basically I just lay down and immediately start agonizing over every mistake I’ve ever made until the sun comes up and then I start my day all over again. To be clear, I do not recommend that approach! I prefer this cat’s version of bedtime over my own by, like, a lot. A lot a lot, to be more precise.

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