14 Cool Concept Bikes

14 Cool Concept Bikes

The future in bikes may already be here, at least on paper. We’ve found the most interesting Modern Concept Bikes the world has to offer.

CYKEL Electric and Pedal Bike by Brian Mcallister

As much fun as it is to bike around your city, West Coasters know just how hard it can be to pedal up steep hills and winding corners. The Cykel concept bike offers a modern solution meant to save you from getting exhausted. When the strain becomes too much, simply switch to electric power to assist you through the tough spots. Another clever feature of this prototype is solid over-mold tires to remove any worry over getting flat tires.

24/7 City Pedelec by Philipp Guenther

Why replace your thin framed bicycle with wires and spokes every couple of years when you can just replace it all together with something different that will last. You’ll barely recognize the 24/7 City Pedelec as a bicycle with its solid frame and snazzy new tech from the centrifugal gear unit to the hydraulic breaks. The frame is completely modular allowing for one-by-one upgrades, potentially making this bike the last one you’ll ever have to buy.

City Bike by Ionut Predescu

If you think this thin streamlined bike looks flimsy, think again. It doesn’t get any tougher than carbon fiber and Kevlar cables. The City Bike manages to be incredibly lightweight without sacrificing strength and durability. The balance between thin black cables and shiny white carbon fiber creates a unique and almost delicate aesthetic.

IziBi Folding Bike by Renato Gschwend

We always love a good space saver, and the IziBi Folding Bike climbs its way to the top of our favorite compact items fast! This sleek mountain bike folds entirely in half making it easy to toss in the back of any car, not to mention would fair better than most being chained up in a city since you can chain up both of your tires at once. For something so compact you wouldn’t expect that the IziBi has got a strong carbon fiber polymer frame that’s meant to last.

Green Shadow Bike by Mr. Onuff

Going green was never so literal. Aside from looking incredibly cool and futuristic, the Green Shadow concept bike features some cool tech as well. With an on-board computer, it helps you track your health and mileage. It’s nice to know how many calories you’re burning as well as how many miles you’re not driving.

Grasshopper Bicycle

Contender in the 12th International Bicycle Design Competition, the Grasshopper folds up into a tiny compact bicycle, but still never really gets terribly large even unfolded. The green accents and strange thin frame make it easy to understand why this bicycle project was dubbed the “Grasshopper.” The bike is meant for an urban lifestyle hence the small size and electric functionality. You’d probably find this little concept bike especially useful for the usually annoying transition between biking and riding the subway.

Taurus Seat-less Bike by Julia Meyer

The idea behind this unusual seatless bike comes from an interest in a more challenging ride that keeps you fitter. By leaning forward without parking your butt on a seat you’ll give your legs a much better workout and maintain correct posture. Plus, you’ll look like you came straight out of the future on such a weird new bike.

ORYX Time Trail Bike by Harald Cramer

Without knowing a thing about engineering or aerodynamics it’s easy to imagine that the unique design of the ORYX Time Trial Bike provides a fast and efficient riding experience. The wheel suspension and crank located on the inside makes the bike more streamlined and allows it to cut through air more efficiently. The overall design improves shock absorption without losing traction. Even the process of changing tires is enhanced by a clever push button release.

One Folding Bicycle by Thomas Owen

We’ve already professed our love for collapsible bikes and One approaches the problem of space in an entirely new way. It folds down from a full sized bike to something you could probably fit in your luggage. The appearance of the bike itself really inspires images of the future with smooth curves and asymmetric design.

Locust Folding Bike by Josef Cadek

Straying from the white and silver staple colors of modern design and letting us know that the future might not actually be void of color, the Locust impresses with bright green and yellow in another interesting folded bike design. Everything from the frame, to the handlebars are round making it easy to roll the entire bike up into a compact ball. The design was achieved by replacing the chain system with a belt system with outer toothing.

BauBike by Michael Ubbesen Jakobsen

Inspired by Bauhaus design, the epitomy of modernism, the BauBike makes artistic use of clean lines and geometric shapes. Creating a functional ride and a piece of art through design, the frame features squares and equilateral triangle limiting all of the lines to 60 or 90 degree angles. The extra open end piece over the back wheel gives you room to add an extra seat or basket.

Backpack Bicycle by Chang Ting Jen

It may not get any more compact or convenient than a bike that folds up and fits on your back. While it’s hard to believe the practicality of a Backpack Bicycle, the pack weighs just over 12 lbs, so assuming you’re not lugging much else you won’t be bothered by the weight. The bike would make a great travel companion offering the freedom of cycling through a city without the hassle of chaining your bike or dragging it through attractions.

The Everglide

Sure, a lightweight compact bike is great to have while you travel, but what about a lightweight compact bike that charges your gadgets while you pedal? The Everglide folds neatly into a backpack and uses the power of kinetic energy to charge your cell phone or MP3 player while you ride. It may not get any more clever or eco-friendly than this.

ThisWay Recumbent Bicycle by Torkel Dohmar

ThisWay Recumbent Bicycle looks something like a cross between a bicycle and a car and for good reason. Its built in roof is meant to keep you dry in the rain. And to ensure that you’re visible to drivers even in bad weather it includes front and rear LED lights. While it may not do much in terms of keeping you warm you have to imagine that any more weight over the current 26 lbs and you’ll need an engine.

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  • zak

    “BauBike by Michael Ubbesen Jakobsen”

    this thing is an abomination

    i really want to use stronger language to express my disgust for this ‘THING’

    i’ll behave

  • Thank you for pulling these together. It demonstrates to me that it is hard to beat the classic safety bicycle. These all look somehow cheap and unreliable, like something that came out of a supermarket vending machine.

  • D-eL

    relax. they’re concept bikes. the key word is “concept”. the totality of a concept rarely hits the street. but maybe a key feature of one of these ideas will be beneficial. maybe that idea will come from the company or someone inspired by the concept. they are also fun to look at and as previously noted, confirmation that the tried and true remains as such. peace

  • That City Bike by Ionut Predescu is an absolute beauty – and i would buy that in a moment if i could afford it! It looks wonderfully light.

  • interesting designs.

    a bit more form than function, as is usual with two wheel transport.

    tiny wheels do a smooth ride make.

    as for carbon fiber toughness, i would not get so cocky.

    mavic put some wheels forward with carbon spokes for its wheels.

    here are the results.


    again, more style than substance.

    cool imagery however.

  • Skipweasel

    The City Bike is nothing new – I recently took this picture of a Victorian bike that uses the same principles…


  • Jim Trebowski

    I’m amazed that some of these concepts drew such harsh reactions. My advice to you would be, that if they become publically available, don’t buy one.

  • Nomen Nescio

    that IziBi folder looks like it could actually work fairly well. but it’s the only one of this lot that does, really.

    the city bike comes close, but i think it needs more spokes to stand up to the torsional loads of hard braking. and, um… where’s the brakes on it, anyway?

    solid wheels and noseless saddles have been tried before — many times, both of them. neither work in actual practice, and for good reasons that become quite clear after you try riding them a few dozen miles. concept bikes are neat and all, but the designers would be well advised to study what’s been tried before, so as to avoid repeating old mistakes.

    the “grasshopper” looks as if its designer really wanted a unicycle, not a bicycle. maybe s/he should have just designed a unicycle?

    and the bauhaus bike… looks very nice for leaning up against a wall and taking photos of. let’s let it stay there.

  • RaulJones

    If anyone here knew anything about bikes, they’d know the BauBike is the only one here with a decent saddle. No serious riders here…

  • entonarumores

    so easy to put down all these awesome designs…
    don´t think about using them, just enjoy the views!
    is it so hard your search for happiness?

  • java

    wow why are people responding so negatively it’s innovation people the world cannot become a better place without thoughtful change. Jeez you guys be a little more open minded

  • Whoever designed the ThisWay might try riding a bike in the rain and notice that half the water (and the really dirty stuff that you don’t want to be showered in) comes from the tires. There is a reason that classic bikes have fenders and not roofs.

  • TwoWheels

    Most of these designers are clearly neither cyclists nor particularly good at doing their homework. The problems they are trying to solve have already been solved with to a high degree of efficiency. So if you’re going to have a “concept bike,” try developing something truly new, instead of just new-to-you.

    On the other hand, if the designer is actually trying to solve a particular problem, the best approach would be to thoroughly study what has gone before. Otherwise, you are just…well…reinventing the wheel.

  • vijai

    Awesome ideas , I am a fabricator of handicapped tricycles in India, I need more innovative ideas so that could make this environment more user friendly for the disabled.Please post more ideas with photos

  • bahhumbug

    Sorry to add the the grump factor here but I see a lot of rigid, unsafe, brutal-looking rides that will never see the light of day–or at least SHOULD never be unleashed on the public. Where’s the comfort, control, and safety? Solid, over-mold tires on a street bike? Have any of these actually been built and ridden?

    Fine to dream but IMO these are mostly undergraduate-level pure design-driven exercises at best and have very little to do with the real world requirements of bike riding. I’d recommend these designers first study experienced master bike frame makers like Richard Sachs and Peter Weigl before they pull out their Crayolas and Tonka Toys.

  • RaulJones

    Repeating myself about the lack of real cyclists here would only be redundant…the only practical bike here is that City Bike…IF it had a decent saddle. Get a clue, clueless ones.

  • Cody

    “Why replace your thin framed bicycle with wires and spokes every couple of years when you can just replace it all together with something different that will last.”

    I’ve had my Avanti Giro 7005 Frame bike for over 13 years and it’s probably ridden over 20,000kms and I have yet to make any major replacements on it, the idea that standard bikes these days fall apart is ridiculous.

  • Julie Yekel

    I think these are so cool! I’ve got a Strida and I love it. Fantastic commuter bike. My husband has a Mobiky and he pleased with his too. Not every aspect of every bike is perfect but I predict we’ll see some of these innovations come in pretty handy in the coming years. Bikes rule!

  • Interesting concept.

  • shravan


  • Roger Mathis

    Nobody said anything about the backpack bicycle. That is the coolest design of the bunch. If that could be built at 12 lbs. it would be very useful.

  • solomon

    Everybody can construct a model or sketch a concept bike on paper. But the crucial question does it work?
    Designer or builders should carry the responsibility and the burden to make a bike that really works. A bike that surpass the latest conventional workable bike that is in the market not just a fantasy bicycle that will not work.Areas to be considered includes.
    1. Does the materials used and the bike structure could support the riders weight or impact?
    2. Can a hubless wheel or hydraulic driven design give longer travel distance with one complete revolution of the pedal sproket compared to a conventional chain driven bike?
    3. Would a hydraulic driven bike need less energy and provide more power than a conventional chain driven one?
    4. Can the whole bikes weight be tremendously reduced?

  • Mephisto

    LOVE the Bauhaus bike!

  • Hyoscine

    “It doesn’t get any tougher than carbon fiber”


  • Gendo Ikari

    The guy who quite brilliantly invented the moped wins this race for me.

    “What if… we put a motor on it?! IT’S HIP IT’S COOL IT’S BRILLIANT!”

  • Anna

    “RaulJonesJuly 8th, 2009 at 12:46 am
    If anyone here knew anything about bikes, they’d know the BauBike is the only one here with a decent saddle. No serious riders here…”

    What a knob! ‘no serious riders here’.
    You and the others that posted similar comments about the saddles etc, are probably the idiots that ride for hours to ‘destination nowhere’ on the roads made for cars. The people that would use these bikes are most probably in urban city settings, riding to work etc. Riding bikes for no reason is OVER-RATED! Get a new hobby.

  • startribe


  • None of this even gets near the incredible surferbike.


  • michael

    backpack bike how much is the cost

  • Jenni Chasteen

    Hi Michael. Unfortunately I believe that the backpack bike is only a concept design and not for sale.

  • chang

    cool bikes in the butt

  • Chang jr.

    You’re my idol.

  • chang

    No your MY idol

  • Guest

    NOOOO you’re my son

  • Chang sr.

    He’s my son

  • fsadfsad


  • Terri Merritt

    can anyone use the total body to deliver momentum for the units in question. i am thinking that one can use the upper body to deliver power as well to give the legs a break esp. if the legs are weaker than the upper body????

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