In the same post, you are going to know how to create a responsive HTML for all the apps and smartphones mail clients. The same thing requires minimal media queries and also a fluid width approach to make sure the maximum compatibility. On the other side, if the users are looking for a perfect solution related to the same aspect, then they must go with generic html email. It is the best site, or you can say source that provides you with all solutions relates to email templates.


The same source contains lots of classic and responsive options and many customization features by which users start accordingly. Now, here you are going to meet with creating a process of a responsive HTML Email. You carefully need to learn it and then follow the procedure to take everything in the right direction. There are numerous things which users require when they are going to create a responsive HTML. Some of the main things which they require in the same process are as follows –


  • Sliced Images and Icons
  • Raleway and Lato Google Font
  • Knowledge about media queries
  • Knowledge or information about CSS and HTML


After knowing all these essential information, users have to start the process of creating responsive HTML. Also, as mentioned above the source, so they should take full assistance of it to know everything.


Process of creating responsive HTML


Well, before going to, one should put the entire elements in the header section. Firstly, users have to add XHTML doctype, and then the rest things are meta-information or the title tag. After then, there are various steps which users should know, and some main steps are follows –


  • Markup – it is the starting step which users take. They have to start by creating new tables and also some attributes. The same thing includes header, 3 box showcase, what we do section, and many other things as well.
  • CSS – after completing the entire step of markup, you have to add some styles to the header section. The first thing is adding up the general styles for the markup. After then, you have to import the Google Web Fonts in your email clients those are limited.
  • Media queries – For the media queries, you need to start adding or manipulating the size of every single element and also of a section on 64px viewport using every single percentage.


Therefore, all these are the main 3 steps which users need to consider in their mind when they are taking for creating a responsive HTML. The more they use or follow these steps, the easier they create a good, responsive HTML.


User reviews to know more


It means that if users or individuals want to know something more about the same aspect, then they simply have to read some reviews related to responsive HTML. It is the best way to know everything about the process of creating a simple responsive HTML. You can also take help from the above-mentioned source to deal with the same concept.


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