The stereotypical male for some is a man with a pickup truck and a tool kit. It is very easy to look macho and even be more macho than a man really is but does a good tool kit really mean you are good at DIY and does your truck make you more of a man? This is perhaps the question everyone female has ever wanted an answer to, and every man wishes he knew. While this is not by any means the most definitive answer the conclusion is the true answer defining a man.

Tools and the Toolbox

One thing man is supposed to be good at its DIY and many women will appreciate a man who can hammer in a nail or fix a leak. Some men know that women like a man who can do this, and some are quite capable however there are those who sell the idea that they can with a very impressive tool kit. Some men, whether they are good at DIY or not will spend hours making sure they have the right tools and look that things that recommends for example. Having the best tools and being able to show the tools are the best is a way some men try to impress women. But then they fall short, the women are not much interested in the quality of their tools but in how those tools are used. So, do the best tools and a great toolbox define a man? Sorry guy, no.

Pickup Truck

One of the biggest pickup tool’s men use is their vehicle and some men choose the vehicle they drive, or even borrow a better-looking vehicle, just to win over a woman. It’s true, some women love a man in a pickup truck. The rugged looks and practicality of a pickup truck can very easily create a macho and very practical impression of a man. Men will even do research into vehicles that woman like in a man. But again, is this the right way to win a woman? Is a pickup truck part of the equipment in a man that women fall for? In some cases, yes, it is but generally, women look beyond the four wheels and the V8 under the hood so again, the answer is no.

The right equipment

So, if a great toolkit and great car do not define a man, and you are shallow if you think they do, what equipment are women looking for? The answer is easy. To win a woman over in today’s day age women are looking for a man that is comfortable in his own skin. They want a man that is practical without showing it and stable, even successful to a degree, without having to compensate for insecurity with a great big truck. Women are looking for men who are men, dashing, charming, kind and intelligent who make them feel like a woman just by standing by their side… no equipment, tools, cars or gimmicks needed!

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