Choosing the right air compressor is never rocket science, but if you lack knowledge, then it can be challenging to pick the right one. Air compressors have more power and torque than other electric power tools. Also, it is a unit with a large variety of applications.


If you want to buy the right air compressor, then you must have some clear information about it. Here are some simple steps to find the best one for you. In this article, we will explore six key factors to determine the best air compressor and air compressor repair.


1. Air compressor variants


There are two main types of air compressors to choose from. They are single-stage air compressors and two-stage air compressors. Both of these variants are useful and have different operations.


Single-stage Air Compressor


It is a low capacity and a small model type compressor. They are used mainly for small operations air-brushing, vacuum cleaning, and home use. Also, you will find a few of them with small storage tanks for more convenient operation.


Two-stage Air Compressor


If you are searching for something big and powerful for your garage or manufacture facilities, then this is your type. These compressors are powerful enough to run different items simultaneously. They are more efficient and are more expensive. Also, most of these compressors have storage tanks, and these tanks are big. In fact, some of them are beyond 200 gallons. Because of the large tank capacities, they can hold more compressed air. So, that, in turn, cuts the overall input consumption.


Other than these two variants, you will find inflators, pancake, wheelbarrow, rotary screw, truck mount, and much more.


2. Air Compressor Grades


Air compressors have different grades based on their application and capacity. Some important grades are:


Consumer-grade compressors


These are for small uses for home or for a small garage workshop. They are for single tool operations and can handle low pressures. Also, they are inexpensive to use.


Contractor-grade compressors


It is the portable type that mostly comes with wheels so you can take these to the specific worksite. These can be used on broader applications. You can use this for roadside repairs or nail guns. You can consider this when you are running multiple air tools.


Commercial air compressor


These are heavy-duty air compressors with a steady air supply. They have more detailed features than other variants. This unit is unique as it can supply high air pressure to multiple tools at a continuous flow. It works for industrial purposes.


These are expensive and are used for heavy industrial purposes like oil rigs, ships, amusement park rides, and many more. You will find more information about these variants at


3.The power source of air compressor


Air compressors get their power from the following three different sources.


Petrol Engine Air Compressor


This is less expensive and lighter than diesel air compressors. Also, they are quieter in operation. Besides, they are more costly to maintain and do not produce enough torque or power like diesel air compressors.


Diesel Air Compressors


They are more powerful and heavy-duty air compressors than petrol engine alternatives. They are movable, and you can use them in adverse weather conditions outdoors. The initial costs of these generators are high, but its maintenance cost is low. Besides, they are noisy and exhaust toxic fumes.


Electric Air Compressors


This is the best possible option in the modern era. They are much quieter and do not produce tons of dirty fumes. However, they are not that flexible to move like the other two variants and are less powerful. If it is a large electric air compressor, then it would require an additional transformer to function. For example, a 400V electric air compressor would require 3 phase transformers to function.


4.Capacity and Delivery of the Air Compressor


Capacity and delivery depend on a lot of factors. They are:




CFM stands for the amount of air delivery that occurs in Cubic feet per minute. The higher CFM ratings mean this compressor can be used for larger applications. It can provide more air at a given pressure level.




Pounds per square inch is the measure of air pressure per square inch of space. It is the amount of force that an air compressor can deliver to its tools. A high PSI means more compressed air within a given tank storage.




HP is nothing but horsepower of the air compressor. It is the amount of power produced by a compressor motor. Higher horsepower means more PSI. Also, a compressor with less HP can save a lot of energy.


Tank size


Tank size also plays big in the compressor. A larger tank can hold more PSI for a longer period. Check the specifications with care in your model.


5.Piston Air Compressor or Rotary Screw Compressor?


Piston Air Compressor


It is for low air delivery purposes. This is not common for the automotive service industry. This generates more noise, and the air quality is also not up to the mark. Also, it requires more maintenance and consumes more power for a given duty cycle.


Rotary Screw Compressor


This is much better than the piston air compressor. They come with better air quality with low energy costs. Unlike a piston compressor, it does not produce enough noise and heat during operation. Also, the maintenance cost is low and can be used for multiple applications.


  1. Choose the Right Manufacturer or Supplier


There are different manufacturers of air compressors. It is not that you just buy a compressor, and you are done with it. You need a reliable air compressor service and after-sale customer support on that. Remember, maintenance is really important to keep air compressors functional. So, you have to pick the right manufacturer or a supplier for that. Please, go through their terms and conditions with care.


On another note, please find out whether the supply is real or not. Sometimes there are third parties who play in between and skim money without any conditions, so check the papers and make sure that it is an authentic source to buy an air compressor.


Air compressors are not that cheap. So before you purchase, you should follow these simple guidelines. Indeed, a good purchase can save you a god amount of money. Also, no one wants unwanted nuisances after buying. Decide before you go for it.

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