Many people go through their working career not knowing whether they have actually found their perfect job. In fact, many believe that their perfect job just doesn’t exist, so do not bother seeking it out.

If you are wondering whether or not you have found your perfect job role, then you will need to ask yourself a few telling questions. If any of these are your answers, then congratulations are in order.

#1 Can’t wait to get going

If you truly enjoy your job and the company of those that you work with, you will be rearing to go. First in the office in the morning, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, and the last one to leave. You will likely feel that going to work is easy and calls for no real effort on your part whatsoever.

#2 You have a true thirst for knowledge

You likely have a thirst for knowledge. That everything around you tweaks your interest and that you have an undying urge to learn more and therefore do more. This can be very rewarding, especially if the company you work for can see your interest and are willing to support your learning further with in-house training or financial support for online training courses.

#3 Provides total job satisfaction

If your role provides you with total job satisfaction and not only that, but you are content with your managers as well as those above them. That you feel you can fulfill your quota and more and receive the appropriate praise or rewards for doing so. That your employee experience is all that it could be within your place of work due to being able to have your voice heard, and you feel that you are a part of something bigger rather than just an employee number to your peers. If you feel that your employee experience, such as those laid out by Simpplr, is lacking, you may need to speak to the appropriate member of staff at your place of work. They may not realize that they are off track, and just a simple addition of a line of communication, for instance, via their intranet system, could work wonders for their employee experience levels.

#4 You recommend your company to others

When it comes to inspiring friends and family members, you encourage them to look for openings at your place of work. If you are proud to work at the establishment and are actively and enthusiastically selling them as good employers – or, for that matter, outstanding in the products or services that they supply – then it is good to assume that you are happy in your location and are content to stay put.

One final thought…

There is another side to all of this. If you are not so well made up about the company that you work for, feel that you are overlooked, or are not compelled to try your best, it could be time to move on. There are jobs and businesses out there that are very employee focused. They promote through the ranks and provide training to their employees with the understanding that those learned employees will then bring something good back into the business, and in this, a strong relationship is built.

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