COVID-19 has left a trace on the global employment trends, leaving millions of people jobless. Still, amid the declining infection rates and a gradually restoring American economy, it’s probably high time to seek a new employment spot. If you’re an Arizona resident, you will definitely find this article helpful as we disclose a step-by-step guide to landing a dream job in Arizona. 

What to Do First? 

Seeking a job may be pretty challenging if you don’t prepare well. We believe that some preparatory work and market research can equip you with the essential toolkit for a successful, effective job search. Here are the essentials: 

  • Monitor your local market for vacancies and employment trends 
  • Set realistic expectations by identifying the top and bottom figures paid for your target job in Arizona
  • Craft an outstanding resume – you can find great resume ideas by looking through the different resume examples compiled by professionals. Also you can use the help of a qualified resume helper.
  • Be flexible in the job search, considering both office and freelance work from home jobs
  • Think strategically and don’t long for the highest-paying job, targeting positions with good promotional possibilities instead. 

Arizona Employment Outlook 

Every state has a unique economic landscape depending on the demanded jobs, the number of open positions, and average salaries for every profession. Arizona is a Western state with an economy exceeding that of Finland or New Zealand. The most developed sectors include healthcare, transportation, copper mining, and agriculture. This doesn’t mean that professionals with other specializations are not demanded here; just the opposite. But with the real economy employment, you may naturally expect to find a high-paying job in the following areas:

  • Construction
  • Retail trade 
  • Professional and business services 
  • Healthcare and social assistance 
  • Accommodation and food services 

Over half a million Arizonians are currently employed in the sector of trade, transportation, and utilities. The second-largest sectors are education and health services employing a total of 459,000 people. Besides, Arizona is famous for its large-scale governmental sector employing over 400,000 officials as of 2021.  

The unemployment rate in Arizona is currently at the level of 6.6%-6.8%, suggesting that the number of unemployed people has been reducing since the start of 2021 (6.9% in February 2021). 

Top Arizona Employers 

When discussing employment in Arizona, we can’t help mentioning the largest companies based in this state and occupying the top spot among private employers in the country. 

Banner Health 

Banner Health is a huge healthcare organization with headquarters in Phoenix. It operates over 30 hospitals and specialized medical centers in six U.S. states, giving jobs to over 45,000 Americans. So, if you’re a medical specialist of any kind, a healthcare manager, a nurse, or an insurance agent, you can easily find a position at Banner Health – a dynamically developing corporation seeking professionals across the state. 


Walmart is one of the largest discount retailers in the USA, and its home is Arizona as well. To date, the number of employees at Walmart exceeds 34,000 people. Yet, the company is always on a search for top-tier professionals in various spheres. At present, Walmart has 100+ open vacancies for all levels of skill and competence, ranging from cashier services and stocking to merchandise management, staff supervision, and marketing.

Kroger Co. 

Kroger is a famous American company specializing in retail services (grocery sales). Its US-wide workforce exceeds 20,000 people, and you can also join this corporation by watching out for a high-paying vacancy here. The company welcomes new sales managers, strategists, marketers, and staff supervisors, so you’re sure to find a job here if you possess proper qualifications and have a flawless resume. 

Wells Fargo & Co. 

Wells Fargo delivers financial services to Americans and has a total workforce of over 16,000 employees at present. Its office in Arizona also actively employs professionals in the financial sector. Thus, if you are a specialist in Finance, it’s exactly the place for you to apply. Besides, the company holds hiring events from time to time to welcome new applicants and show its operations from the inside. 

McDonald’s Corp. 

No matter what your attitude to healthy nutrition is, you’ll hardly debate the fact that McDonald’s still remains one of the largest private employers across the USA. The company has many fast-food restaurants and home delivery spots to give jobs to people of varying professions and skills. 

Where to Look for a High-Paying Job? 

Now let’s proceed to the actual job search process that you can conduct to get a high-paying, prestigious job in Arizona. Our steps are only variants of what you can do, so it’s up to you to decide where to look for suitable vacancies, which method to start with, or whether to combine several of them simultaneously. 

#1 Networking 

The simplest, conservative method of looking for a new job is announcing your efforts to friends, relatives, and acquaintances. You can talk about your job search on Facebook or inform your friends at a local BBQ. Use any opportunity to let people know about your search, as face-to-face acquaintances are usually the source of the best job possibilities. 

#2 Online Search 

Googling your way to a new job is also an excellent chance to get employed quickly. The Internet holds so many possibilities for people to get employed that you can hardly remain jobless after a week or so of active search and applying for the vacancies you find. Here are the top job search platforms you can use: 


#3 Professional Agency 

The job search process is tedious and time-consuming, as a rule, so you need to get ready to invest much time and energy in it. Things get more complicated if you need to combine the new job search with current 9-to-5 work, which is very exhausting. Thus, we recommend turning to professional resume writing and employment agencies for assistance. You can get a professionally written, ATS-optimized resume, some competent career advice, and much time saved on the applications to numerous companies. 

So, as you can see, getting hired in Arizona is not that hard. Set priorities, reserve some time for a diligent job search, or delegate the task to professionals. Good luck! 

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