How to Use the Right Colors For Promotional Products

How to Use the Right Colors For Promotional Products

Most people feel calmness and serenity when they are surrounded by green plants, yellow flowers, and a blue sky, while some feel alarmed when they see the color red. According to color psychology, colors have more purpose than decorating spaces. They inspire moods and feelings.


Certain colors have been known to have a powerful psychological impact on the decisions and behaviors of people. For a business owner, you need to find ways to harness this power of color and help people purchase your products.


A great way to market your products is to choose the right image, find a great product, and choose the perfect colors that represent your brand perfectly. Surveys show that 93% of buyers focus more on visual appearance. However, 85% of these buyers will look at the color as a primary reason to make a purchase.


Therefore, when making promotional products, you need to use color combinations that will excite your customers and make them interested in the products that you’re selling. Most marketers will choose these products based on cultural associations, their target demographic, and the color scheme of the competitors. If you have to choose the right products, there are a few things you should know.


Think About the Connotations of Different Colors


When getting custom printed bags, you need to understand what different colors will mean to your customers truly. Certain colors will trigger specific emotions and reactions to your products. You need to keep this in mind to be successful in your business. For instance, red is always associated with romance. At the same time, it is one that portrays danger, aggression, and anger. For travel pillows, it may not be a great color to go with.


When you are marketing your products and want to reach as many customers as possible, it is necessary that you take time to get everything right. Ask around, research for information online, and ensure that you are not overlooking something that should be obvious. You also need to think about what your target demographic is likely to think about certain color combinations.


What Will Make You Different From Your Competitors?


You need to seriously consider what will make you stand out from your competitors. This may be as simple as changing a small detail to make your products stand out. The most important part of marketing is finding the right packaging, the perfect colors, and the promotional materials that are relatable to your demographic.


You also need to think about how your colors will change how your potential customers view competitor products. With the right, bright, vibrant colors, you will capture the audiences’ eye and with it their attention because your products are not generic.


The Tone of Your Brand


As mentioned, bright colors need to convey the tone of your brand. For instance, if your business is about adventure, camping, hiking and tourism products, you may want to go with neon green. It is an energetic color that will work well with the young demographic. It may, however, not be the perfect color for a company that is selling furniture.


Therefore, think about your target demographic and lifestyle. What do the colors characterize for them and how will these choices affect their purchasing of your products.


Consider Your Image


You probably already have one or two colors to represent your company. These are probably used on your website, promotional materials, and logo. For new product lines, you need to change focus and choose colors that represent the new line. When your brand changes its face, you also need to consider how well colors will represent the new changes and make your customers curious to buy your products.


The colors need to be eye-catching but still effectively represent your brand, your advertisement goals, and your company’s goals. They should inspire positive associations.




If you do not have the time to choose colors with the mood they give customers. You can always give the promotional products colors that match those on your logo. After all, your brand is the focal point of any promotional item produced.


You can build the brand identity and have a simple time alternating between the colors you are already choosing. But, consider what products you are using and how each color makes them look and feel.


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