Many people turn to a temp agency Toronto to get short-term jobs, and others end up getting employed. Future employers consider these kinds of positions as noteworthy listings since they give work history in your resume. However, it gets hard when you want to list them under work experience because you don’t know who to mention as your employer or who you worked for.

However, since you are reading this job agency guide, you will never find yourself in this confusing situation when it comes to listing a temp agency Toronto on your resume. This write-up will give you essential information on how to compile your work experience, who to include, and what not to include in your resume. Take a peek.

1.     Look For a Suitable Format

Just like the other job experiences, temporarily from any temp agency Toronto work should appear in your resume in reverse chronological order. Listing them from the most recent helps your employer to have ample time reviewing your work experience without a struggle.

2.     Mention the Staffing Agency under the Employer

It gets confusing on who to write as your employer when it comes to temporary contracts. Although you can mention the name of the temp agency Toronto you worked for, what if you had multiple assignments? To avoid too much information on your resume, add the staffing agency as your employer, and mention the positions and skills acquired. You can give the rest of the information to the employer during the interview.

  1. Do Not Fail To Add Your Temporary Jobs.

You might have worked for one staffing agency for some time but under different positions. Please give the name of the agency as the employer and add the different roles you held, each with its time. The list of the jobs you did and the companies you worked for is not as important as the skills you learned under the position held. This is what your potential employer wants to see.

4.     Reference Your Roles

Don’t forget to list the roles under each position you held. This will make it easier for the hiring manager to know how skilled you are. Positions have different titles for different companies, and this is not as important as what role you played, your responsibility, and the job duties you had under that title.

5.     Don’t Forget To Add Your Achievements

Tell more about how these achievements have helped you become the suitable person this company is looking for and how such skills will help you accomplish your duties for the benefit of the company. Do not despise it because of the name ‘short-term work’ because it can offer valuable skills you can use in your future job.

6.     Why You Should Add Temporary Jobs

Although they are called temporary, they are still jobs. Not adding them means you will have a gap between your employment, which hiring managers do not like to see, and if they are there, they will ask you to give a reasonable explanation about them. Most people turn to a temp agency Toronto to get work, and this has become common among people. Employers also see it on many resumes. There are skills learned from it that are important to make known.

7.     Important Tip

When including your temporary positions, ensure you indicate that you worked under the temp agency Toronto and not as an employee of the employer. As you write, ensure everything is transparent to avoid giving clarifications by word of mouth and look like you are untruthful.

Also, ensure that you include the dates of the different positions held while you were working for the staffing agency. This way, it will be easier to show how long you have worked. This is essential for clarification of the total years you have been working in a certain position.

Hiring managers like to read resumes that are well arranged, and they don’t easily overlook them. If there are gaps in your employment history, you better give reasons upfront instead of waiting to explain to the interviewing panel. You are the product you are marketing on your resume, and you deserve to add whatever fact you think will make you more marketable to an employer. Just make sure you speak the truth.


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