Instagram has evolved a lot since a few years. Today, it is not merely a photo-sharing platform where people can post their opinions and views. It is one of the most common ways to strategize your business in the present world. What do I mean? Well, the number of likes you get on your post is directly proportional to the profit of your endeavor. So, today we will know about some full-proof strategies to increase the number of likes and gain many subscribers on Instagram. 

Keep your account in the “public” mode

It is a key point that you must consider. Some people would check out your profile and even like your posts if they are attractive enough. But, they do not follow your account. To gain an advantage in these scenarios, having a public account would help a lot. Also, the ‘hashtag’ feature works well with the public accounts.

  • Use proper ‘hashtags’

Hashtags are one of the strongest tools provided by instagram. People can search it directly, and all the results from several accounts will appear on the screen. For example, let us consider that the picture that you wish to post contains a fruit basket. You can use multiple hashtags like Fruits, brunch, health, healthy lifestyle, etc. Now, if the user searches for any of these hashtags, your picture will appear on their screen. So, this feature is making your posts reach a lot more people, eventually leading to more number of likes.

  • Maintain the quality of your posts

Be particular about the lights, focus, and other essential parameters while clicking a picture. Try creating attractive backgrounds for the image. You don’t have to spend heavy bucks for it. All you need is creativity. Study the features of your camera beforehand. You should be well aware of all the facilities it provides before using it.

  • Interact with your followers

Giveaways and interaction will be an extremely beneficial step to increase the number of likes on the post. During festive seasons, or in random times, try your hands on giveaways. You can organize any simple event related to your post. For example, post a picture and ask your followers to suggest captions. Inform them that the best caption gets a free Prime or Netflix account for a year. Also, tell them to like the post in order to enter the contest. Such simple strategies will boost the number of likes immensely.

  • Collaborate

Teamwork is a practical step in every field of life. The case is similar to the Instagram business. Collaborate with someone who has a similar field like yours and is enjoying a good number of followers too. When you do this, their followers will also view your post, and the chances are high that they tap on the like button. Besides, collaborating with influencers will also help people to trust your venture more. So, it is a productive step.


Buying Instagram likes is a common practice in the current world. However, you might not need to do it if you follow the mentioned steps carefully. Wishing you all the luck for your gram game!


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