When time tracking is managed correctly, scheduling, organizing time, and making your time more productive is a doddle. The right methods can transform your team, assist with project management, and increase your bottom line dramatically.

Studies show that an estimated 50 million hours are lost due to a lack of productivity. The way we work, in the midst of the pandemic, has and keeps on changing, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing! Long gone are the days of the traditional 9 to 5, and remote work is here to stay. So when a team is spread out, it’s important to keep:

Why Track Your Team’s Time? 

Time tracking is useful to provide employees with responsibility and accountability for their working hours. Employers gain an overview of what takes employees a long time, and seek to find solutions for this. Managers can then sit with their employees to discuss professional development and how to improve. Managers can gain vital insights into where the bottlenecks are, and streamline processes to improve collaboration.

Distribute Workload

When you track hours you have a clearer overview of how much can be achieved in a given time. Often you might find that some of your staff have a higher workload than others, which could have direct impacts on your employees’ engagement, not to mention, your payroll and bottom line.

However, once you have a more accurate overview of employees’ timings, you can distribute the workload more evenly, and according to experience level. This is a quick fix to boost morale and productivity.

When your overworked employees see the changes you are making, they will feel less stressed and more valued, thereby improving motivation.

Use The Right Tools

To ensure that your employees are making the most of their time and that work is distributed well, it’s worth taking on an employee time clock app. With apps such as Connecteam, you can cut out any possible time theft or buddy punching. Using GPS geofencing, simply set the location where you would like your employees to clock in and out from, and leave the rest up to them. Connecteam also has built-in GPS breadcrumbs meaning you can locate where your employees actually are (while clocked in). Having this feature, it can help you learn exactly what everyone is working on, where they are, all the while eliminating any suspicion, concerns and the need for playing phone tag.

Connecteam’s advanced time clock means that you can view current and past timesheets with a full breakdown of hours. The data can help both you and your employees be on the same page when it comes to their hours, as both you and your employees can see when they’ve reached the maximum amount of work hours (and you can even prevent the need for any overtime). If your employees forget to clock in or out, they will receive a reminder message, so that they never forget, and you don’t need to chase them or have an inaccurate payroll.

Once you go digital, you’ll have all the information regarding hours, payroll is much simpler and 100% accurate. You don’t have to deal with discrepancies, or look for sheets of paper with employee-estimated hours logged on it. With a time clock app, you even have the option to lock the timesheet at the end of the working period, meaning no employee can change their hours after you’ve locked it.

If your business is based on-site (for example, retail, construction, healthcare), or your employees aren’t permitted to have their phones on them during shifts, you can use the Kiosk App. You set up a tablet with a time clock station and your employees clock in and out, there is no need for a smartphone.

We’ve only scratched the surface of how much Connecteam can offer your business in terms of employee and operational management, and so much more.

Provide Training Where Needed

When you have the data in front of you, you can approach employees for further training if needed. You can easily upload and share all company manuals and important documentation, allowing employees to easily access it should they need to, at their leisure.

The Bottom Line on Time Tracking

With so much to learn, tracking time is not as simple as just clocking employees’ hours. Time tracking offers your company the insights without ever having to wonder where the time has gone and why things aren’t completed on time. Digitizing your time tracking is the way forward and once you turn digital, you definitely won’t want to go back!

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