Over 668,567 people who form part of Philadelphia’s population are employed. Injuries at workplaces can afflict any individual. As per Philadelphia workers’ compensation laws, it is the responsibility of employers to ensure that workers have access to safe, risk-free work environments.

Even employers who employ just a single employee should cover the employees’ workers’ compensation benefits. The services of the best workers comp lawyers in Philadelphia can be valuable if you are filing for compensation. These experts can help with all areas of the case, starting from injury assessment to compensation receipt.

Additionally, lawyers can also help ensure that the compensation is released and received faster. Philadelphia is home to several top-rated professionals in the field. You may go through online ratings and reviews of famous workers’ compensation attorneys to find the best one.

Educate You on the Compensations You are Eligible For

An expert Philadelphia worker’s compensation attorney can educate you on the specific compensations you are eligible for. The lawyer will first study your case and assess your injuries and situation based on medical bills and other evidence.

Philadelphia employees are eligible for the compensation categories mentioned below.

  • Compensation for medical expenses and other damages
  • Loss of wages benefits
  • Death benefits for the worker’s family if the employee suffered a fatal injury
  • Partial and total disability benefits
  • Permanent injury benefits and aftercare treatment payments

The lawyer will first educate you on what qualifies as a workplace injury in Philadelphia. The person’s job should necessarily cause work injuries. Philadelphia workers and employers fall under the jurisdiction of the Pennsylvania Workers Compensation Act.

The Act covers all injuries, from minor scars and sprains to fatal injuries. Even the “aggravation of a pre-existing condition” that resulted from the person performing the job qualifies as a work injury in Philadelphia.

Additionally, injuries the employee sustains while driving as part of job responsibilities are covered. The Act specifically covers repetitive injuries like carpal tunnel syndrome from excessive typing. The Philadelphia lawyer will help you categorize your injury.

Knowledge of Legal Provisions

Choosing the best workers’ comp lawyer in Philadelphia boosts the chances of earning the highest compensation you are eligible for. These experts have comprehensive knowledge of workers’ compensation laws.

For instance, as per Philadelphia laws, the company doctor must treat the employee for up to 90 days after the injury. The employer gives the employee a list of six doctors or medical facilities to choose from. You may also note that you do not have the right to sue your employer post receipt of workers’ compensation.

The statute of limitations that applies to Philadelphia states that you must file for workers’ compensation within three whole years of the date of the injury. Additionally, workers should also report their injury to the employer within 120 days from the date of the injury. Otherwise, you lose your right to file for compensation.

Your lawyer in Philadelphia has a clear understanding of these provisions and can help ensure you comply with them without fail.

Legal Drafting and Negotiations

The best workers comp lawyers in Philadelphia can help you with the necessary drafting and filings. You may have to submit forms, written submissions, evidence, and other relevant documents as part of the filing process. The lawyers can help you draft submissions that work to your advantage.

These legal experts can also help you collect and organize relevant evidence to make your case strong. Insurance companies may try to make you settle for the lower possible compensation options.

Your employer and the associated insurance companies will take you and your claim more seriously if they know you have access to the services of a top-rated workers’ compensation lawyer.

Your lawyer will handle negotiations and other discussions with your employer and the Philadelphia employer’s insurance company to ensure you’ll get the compensation you deserve.

Filing and Legal Representation

Philadelphia workers’ compensation lawyers can help you keep track of relevant filing and hearing dates and procedures. The lawyer will also help you with the actual filing process. You will have to provide details of the injury and other specific details in the application forms.

Your lawyer will verify the forms and ensure that the information you submit is accurate. Further, they will also offer representation services when necessary as they have detailed knowledge of courtroom procedures and etiquette.

Final Thought

Reports show that Philadelphia witnessed close to 60 fatal work injuries in the year 2018. Philadelphia worker’s compensation laws aim to protect employees who sustain workplace injuries. A reputed lawyer can handle your workplace injury case.

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