StoryBrand is a step-by-step guide on how to improve your bottom line, adopt best practices, show what you have been doing wrong in your marketing plan, help solve your problems, and come up with an actionable marketing strategy that can be implemented across departments and teams.


At its essence, the StoryBrand Framework is a tool you use to add to your toolbox of strategies in capturing new clients.


With a StoryBrand Certified Guide, instead of trying to persuade customers that the brand is the hero that is going to solve all their problems, the strategy shifts the focus to the customers.


In this way, the customers follow their individual stories, and the brand will be there with them on their journey.


A common hindrance for small businesses is the blind spot that owners eventually develop when it comes to their companies. This is understandable especially for entrepreneurs who worked to grow their companies.


However, the blind spot is that they always assume what the customers want instead of asking them what they really want and think. That is why they need a fresh perspective to view their organization from a prism of objectivity.


Who Can Become a StoryBrand Certified Guide?


  1. You can be a marketing consultant with a steady stream of clients but wants to enhance your skills and stock knowledge by learning about the StoryBrand framework.
  2. You can be a successful marketing consultant and looking to expand your client base. However, you are stuck in a rut and could not seem to get over the mental roadblock.
  3. You want to train your entire marketing agency so you can reach your organization’s goals much quicker. The StoryBrand Framework can be customized to tailor-fit to the needs of your company.


Benefits of Joining a StoryBrand Certified Guide Course


If you join a StoryBrand Certified Guide course, you can expect to get the following benefits:


  1. Live training for the StoryBrand Certification
  2. Sales funnel training (a day-long session with hands-on experience)
  3. Live training for StoryBrand Guide Certification (1 day)
  4. You can have access to the online marketing course for the StoryBrand Framework
  5. Online marketing roadmap course
  6. Get access to the online resource center for the StoryBrand Guide
  7. Become a member of the growing StoryBrand community


Finally, once you finish the course and sell some products from the company, you can get significant commissions with each sale. So you enhance your marketing skills and knowledge and earn money in the process. That is not such a bad deal at all.


Those who have read the book written by Donald Miller will be familiar with most of the concepts and lessons taught in the certificate guide course. However, the training workshop is much more practical, with plenty of opportunities to consult with StoryBrand experts on your particular case.


The lessons can be customized to the needs of each participant, so you will be asked to provide some details. Meanwhile, you can also get an online marketing course if you have no time to attend the training.

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