Launching a holiday branding campaign keeps your business top-of-mind during one of the most critical seasons for sales. At a time when consumers are coming back to brick-and-mortar retail, food service, travel, hospitality, and more, retailers and commercial property owners need to capitalize on the experience.

That’s where digital signage solutions can transform a brand activation campaign. The holidays are a busy time of year in shopping malls and on shopping streets, and post-pandemic shoppers are demonstrating an eagerness to spend. You’re competing for attention, and not just with other businesses and advertisers on the street; you’re competing with the phones in everyone’s pocket.

Digital signage can cut through the noise and make sure your message and branding reach as many eyes as possible. If you’re planning a campaign just for the holiday season, BIG Digital signage solutions are one option for fast and easy-to-deploy rentals for both indoor and outdoor digital billboard installations.

These are just some of the ways that digital signage can elevate your brand activations and campaigns this holiday season.

#1 Inspire a Sense of Wonder

Roughly 30% of consumers say they feel stressed out and overwhelmed when holiday shopping, and with so many people getting out into the world after months of online shopping, the feeling will be even more pronounced this year.

One way to restore a sense of holiday spirit and turn holiday shopping into a positive experience is through novel, interactive engagements. Digital signage that uses interactive content deploying touchscreens, gesture-motion technology, and Augmented Reality can inspire curiosity and engagement in what can otherwise be a stressful time of year for some.

#2 Keep Consumers Informed

It will be a holiday shopping season like no other, with some jurisdictions requiring masking and social distancing in certain indoor environments, while supply chain issues mean holiday shoppers may face frustrations and lack of inventory.

Digital signage can help alleviate those stresses by keeping shoppers informed through up-to-date messaging. Whether you need digital signage to provide public health messaging, or you want to keep shoppers informed about available inventory of hot ticket items, digital signage gives you advanced control over your messaging, and you can always keep it relevant.

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#3 Cut Down on Labor Costs

Beyond brand activations and advertising, digital signage can also help cut down on labor costs while enhancing the in-store experience. The retail labor shortage has left many businesses short-handed, with few short-term solutions at hand.

That’s leaving retailers to come up with innovative solutions to reduce wait times and maintain the quality of the retail experience that’s so central to brick-and-mortar’s success. Digital signage can allow customers to explore inventory that may not yet be on the floor. Self-check-out kiosks can speed up queue times and alleviate pressure on overstretched retail staff.

Make digital signage your secret weapon this holiday season. Digital signs can transform your branding campaign and get the attention of holiday shoppers.

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