If we think of the scope of marketing, it won’t be an exaggeration to say that it covers every aspect of the business. Marketing helps people understand their customer needs and target potential customers easily. The field of marketing is very diverse but at the same time, is highly competitive. It gets very hard for people to secure a promising job in this field. The right education and experience, however, is the key to success. With recent advancements, the field of marketing is not limited anymore; its diversity has led many people into opting for this as a career. Almost any business small scale or massive has invested in marketing for their brand and requires an expert for services. That is where your marketing degree kicks in. We have listed down some of the ways you can pursue a marketing career.


Market researcher


People in this area of marketing are responsible for researching the market thoroughly by conducting surveys, takings polls, personally visiting places and trying to analyze what is in demand. You either can work from home as a freelancer or could also be hired by firms. It involves understanding the customer’s needs, buying habits, and other factors like affordability. A market researcher would provide you with the baseline statistics you need to keep in mind before proceeding with the production, manufacturing, and distribution of your brand or product in the market. Overall, it is a good choice as a professional career if you studied HR as a major in college, and you are interested in research work. The roles in this field are diverse, ranging from being a market research analyst, manager, supervisor to even becoming a director after the adequate experience.


Brand manager


Mostly small business owners are interested in getting their brand developed and managed by an expert, so they hire an efficient person to do that for them. Startup business owners’ demand less experience, even a student studying business administration online degree is eligible to apply for this at a small company. Because he has the time to work while studying and needs the necessary experience as well. A brand manager analyses the data given by the research department and guides the team for future agendas. The can be of help in developing new strategies, addressing complaints, altering any product details. It is the perfect job for people that can readily manage a broad set of responsibilities that include supervision, communication and are ready to travel occasionally as well.




This field has so much scope for the marketing workers but is highly competitive as well. It covers all aspects of marketing from building the strategy to executing it out properly. If you have done your MBA and wish to join the mainstream industry, this is the right choice for you. The business side of marketing in advertising includes media buyers, account managers, and planners. The marketing department in advertising finds the media to place their ads. They address the employees on what attracts the customers and assist them in creating the perfect ad campaign who would not only turn heads but would also gather more consumers in the end. The posts in this field include advertising sales managers, directors, media buyers, coordinators, and even account executives.


Public relations


The people in this field of marketing need to communicate with clients, media, consumers, employees and even the public. They are the vocal bodies of any organization. They are responsible for writing any press releases, financial results, and other any company-related news. Public relations workers are responsible for upholding the company’s image in front of the press media and consumer market. It is a challenging job and requires complete loyalty toward the business you are employed at. You need to have both excellent speaking and writing skills. You can even secure a government-related PR job. It is a vast field, and you have to deal with multicultural people and be very persuasive. The chances of growth in this area of marketing are very likely. If you are a creative soul and can do a critical thing to publicize the products and services of any company to counter any bad PR, this is the perfect job for you.




Marketing is the right field for a creative thinker and statistics analyst. It not only requires verbal and vocal skills but also, along with that critical analysis is mandatory. You should have completed your business administration degree. The field of marketing is very competitive but has many scopes. Many designations are offered from the field of media advertisement to even small scale brand management. The field of marketing is not just limited to business firms, but schools, government offices, social service organizations, and even health care services require a lot of marketing. In some positions, frequent traveling is also common for better research and a widespread approach.


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