Looking for ways to kickstart your Shopify journey? Are you unsure of which pages to include? Well, then you’re in the right place!

These standard pages will act as a business resume for your store. They’ll help the consumers get a clear understanding of your business, what you offer, your values, and your objectives, which after assessing, they contact you.

These pages will represent your business to potential clients with complete ownership. And you can always optimize your content according to changing trends and stay relevant. Let’s show you how to create some of these pages that are guaranteed to grab a visitor’s attention!

A List Of 10 Important Pages That Will Make Your Shopify Store Reliable

Now, remember, it isn’t always necessary for you to include each of these pages, and you choose one that suits you the best.

1. Privacy Policy

This is a legal agreement notifying visitors that your store will save the personal information that they enter and how they will be used. It acts as a major trustworthy factor for buyers.

2. Refund Policy

A customer would want to know whether or not a product they are buying can be refunded or returned in case of any mishap. Thus, including this policy is essential.

You will have to mention –

  • The duration of days in which a return can be made.
  • The payment process you follow for a refund.
  • How long will it take to generate a refund?

3. Shipping Policy

Shipping 24/7? Or only on particular days? Let your customers know all about your “Shipping” terms and conditions.

Include shipping costs and time. If you are shipping overseas, then tell them about your terms for export duties & taxes, the timing, and the cost of your delivery to each location.

4. Contact Page

By creating a user-friendly contact page, you let your target audience know that you are there for them every step of the way. All they have to do is drop in their queries on the page and make sure you get back to them ASAP!

You can also include elements like “Live Chat” for a quicker response.

5. About Page

You can impress the visitors with your brand story by creating an “About” page on your store. This will give them an insight into your origin and values, that will further strengthen your relationship with them.

6. FAQ Page

Most customers might have a lot of questions in common regarding a particular product. To answer these questions altogether, it is always a good idea to research and add a compiled list of questions often asked and answer them on this page.

7. Collection Pages

Are you selling a variety of products? If you want to showcase them all to your visitors in an organized manner, then Collection Pages are the way to go!

8. Reviews Page

Adding reviews of your past consumers can make your future customers feel much more confident about trusting you. Oh, yes, it can increase your online presence, too!

9. Track Your Order Page

An updated and well-informed delivery is something that consumers take note of. By including this page, you can engage your consumers throughout the product’s journey to them.

10. Homepage

Last but not least, the “Home Page.”

A first impression holds a lot of power in this case by attracting visitors further into your store.I mean, answer for yourself. Will you be interested in discovering more about a store with a dull homepage or an attractive looking homepage?

Ways to create these pages-

  1. For all policy pages – click on Settings -> Legal, a formatting page will open where you can type in your content along with your title, which will be displayed at the bottom of your checkout page.
  2. Some free Shopify apps to remember for the following pages –
  • For FAQ Page – HelpCenter
  • Reviews Page – Loox
  • Order Tracking Page – AfterShip
  1. For your homepage- Online Store -> Themes -> Customize the current theme -> Go to your homepage and let your creativity speak!

To Sum Up

One needs to consider numerous factors to make an online store a success. In Shopify, one such factor is the inclusion of these pages that build a user-friendly environment for the consumers. Check out the method and enhance your business with these pages.


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