Ever used a wheel office chair (Visit  Ergo Tune for the Best Relaxing Chairs) in a room floor filled with carpet, you understand how rough it is to roll or move around. There are different mats for every kind of job. It means there is a specific kind of carpet that will help you move around the office or at home with the office chair comfortably plus protecting the floor from any damage.


In this article, I will inform you things you need to consider when buying a mat and the different types of mat available in the market. Most of the mat in this article is available on Amazon, supermarket, and even carpet store near you.


Things to consider when choosing a floor mat


  • The thickness of the mat – the thicker the mat, the better. Choose a mat that is 3 millimeters and above for a better grip.


  • The dimension – most of the chair mat for carpet is rectangular, with a front lip extension to protect the chair users’ feet. The minimum length and width of the cloth are often 30*48 inches. The size can go up with 48*60 inches. Depending on the size of the office table and chair, one can also custom order the mat of their choice.


  • Mat material – most of the chair mats in the market are made from PVC material or even Vinyl and are durable for a while. They are not the best as they affect the castor wheel of the chair. The best mat is made from polycarbonate, as they are resistant to cracking and any curling.


The best chair mat for carpet


Gorilla Grip Premium chair mat


It’s made with tough polycarbonate. It makes it sturdy and with a Gorilla grip.


Even when it’s hot or cold, the mat never loses its durability or rigidity, it also never sinks under even with heavy load on the chair’s wheels. It makes it easy to slide and move around.


Works well on high carpet tile and cost approximately $ 48 on amazon.


Mushyn MUS-K100 Chair mat


This mat is filled with foam with a combination of PVC and rubber, making it easy to move around with the chair.


This mat will help improve the room insulation and make it more soundproof around the room. The rug is also waterproof, resistant to tear, and has an anti-fatigue footrest.


It cost approximately $65.



Lorell 82834 chair mat


It is best for those individuals who wish to impress their clients or customers. The mat is made from tempered glass and comes with different sizes giving one room to move about comfortably.


It’s able to support heavy chair users and is suitable for all kinds of floors.


Floortex Cleantex Ultimat


The mat is made crack and curls a resistant type of material. The mat is made from 100% recyclable material with green guard certification.

The mat is very durable to hold up the weight, and the wheel won’t sink inside.


Marvelous Mrem chair mat


The mat is available in five different sizes to suit any floor.


The mat will be able to hold up the strength of heavy traffic. Despite being thin, it’s quite severe. It’s also has studded on the underside of the mat.

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