The guys behind Youtube channel WheresMyChallenge brings us this demonstration of the Lego Treadmill Challenge. It consists of running on a treadmill while one or more of your pals dumps LEGO bricks onto it. Sounds like a real nightmare. It is what I imagine hell to be like, if Satan had access to LEGO which I assume he does. And now I am coming to the realization that I have spent entirely too long thinking about all of this. Lord knows I could better use my time for something far more productive, like wondering aloud if Sasquatch likes sunflowers or how mermaids go to the bathroom if they don’t have any privates.

Thanks again to my pal Dylan for sending in the tip. With two tips in one week, I’m starting to think he did something messed up and is feeling guilty about it. No? You just spend a lot of time on the internet? That makes sense.