1. Mediums Have A Special Connection With Spirits

It’s important to establish the role a medium is going to play during the private reading or demonstration. And this role involves communicating with spirits through different means and techniques. Mediums can almost be compared to telephone lines to the other side. Unfortunately, it’s not as simple and straightforward. Unlike when using a phone, mediums can’t just decide who anud when they connect. The reality is that they open themselves up for a connection, and they don’t control who it comes from. And depending on the skills of the medium and the willingness of the spirit, a very strong message can be brought over from the spiritual realm. But ask yourself whether you are capable of believing what you see. Because if the answer is no, or doubtful at best, a private reading or demonstration might not be the solution you are looking for. More specifically, you will likely walk away very disappointed.

2. There Are 4 Main Methods Of Communication

Secondly, know that a private reading or demonstration will most likely use one of four communication methods. In some cases, a combination of these methods is utilized. They are:

– Sight

Certain mediums have the ability to see spirits. Although, spirits choose what the medium gets to see. There is also the matter of what the medium is ultimately going to witness. For example, the spirit can choose to use a vision. Or they can choose to simply appear as a normal person would. Regardless of whether the medium has the ability to see spirits or manifestations, it is not up to them. They can only receive what spirits choose to make visible.

   – Sound

In other cases, the medium will rely on hearing the spirit. And just like with seeing the spirit, hearing them can happen in several different ways. For instance, there can be an actual verbal conversation between the medium and the spirit. But it can also happen that the medium has an internal discussion, and then relays the message to you. Keep in mind that communication with a spirit is unpredictable at best. Because it’s sort of like using an old radio on a low frequency. The signal can be strong at times. But it’s very common for communication to be blurry and sketchy.

   – Telepathy

This is when the spirit transfers images, thoughts, or other information through a direct link with the medium. Depending on how strong this connection is going to be, the spirit will have access to personal space in the medium’s mind, making it easier to convey their message – whatever it may be. It is also very common for spirits to provide the medium with mental images. And the medium will try his or her best to relay what the images are or what they might possibly mean.

3. Every Individual That Forms Part Of The Reading Or Demonstration Influences The Outcome

It might sound a little melodramatic, but every person that forms part of the reading will be putting out some kind of energy. When this energy is negative or conflicted, it is naturally going to affect the overall situation.

This means if you go into a private reading or medium demonstration with a very skeptical approach, don’t expect anything astonishing to happen. In fact, expect the message to get interrupted and distorted. The same can be said about doubt, fear, anger, or other negative emotions. So, there is a better chance of getting a clear message when you open your mind to what the medium has to say.

Even when it is a medium demonstration where there is a big audience involved, when the audience is predisposed to be skeptical or doubtful, it will no doubt ruin the message that could’ve come through. While it doesn’t sound like anything serious, energy plays a very big part in making a connection with the spirit world. And when a medium is being overwhelmed with negative distractions, you can’t expect them to clearly connect.

At the same time, you can help the private reading or demonstration by putting out positive energy. Remember that this is a spiritual experience that can’t be explained by science or logic. So, trying to apply these during a reading is simply not productive.

4. It’s Not Your Job To Do The Talking

You don’t go to a private reading or a medium demonstration to do the talking. Instead, you are there to hear what the medium has to say. All the medium really wants to hear from your side is short and clear answers. If everything can be answered via quick yes or no, things should go pretty smoothly. Only in cases when the medium is asking specific questions should you oblige. But it’s not up to you to connect the dots or find logic inside the reading.

www.violetpsychicmedium.com stress that While it is recommended to be open-minded during a demonstration or reading, you have to be careful. For instance, when the medium says something like you live in a small house with a red roof, and it’s not accurate, you are not supposed to find the closest correlation, such as you have a red door in your apartment. Remember, it’s the medium that will try to puzzle things together. You just have to trust in the connection they are making and go with the flow.

However, there are some common details medium are likely to miss due to blurry communication lines. For instance, if your father was a police officer but the medium describes a security guard, there is a good chance of a slight misinterpretation. Given the difficult situation, nobody can blame the medium for making the mistake.

At the end of the day, mediums are people with faults. This means small inaccuracies are bound to surface during the communication process, and the strength of the connection will also play a part. Not to mention the mentality of everyone else involved, it’s unfair to expect perfection from a medium. In fact, it is recommended to keep your expectations realistic. Because sometimes a connection just isn’t there.

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