No one can remember what life was like before Facebook, but it’s probably for the best that we didn’t get it until the 2000s. Can you imagine what Facebook would have looked like if it was created back when you used Netscape and had dial up? Well you don’t have to imagine because someone more creative did it for you. This video shows what it would have been like if Facebook was invented in the 90s—complete with flashing fonts, grainy low-res images, and inexplicable striped backgrounds. The demo video is full of tongue in cheek explanations about how the service works, or would have worked in the 90s. For example, they explain, “If you don’t have a scanner you can send your picture to the Facebook company. In only 1 month they put your digital picture online!” The 90s version of Facebook is ugly, inconvenient, and kind of sad—kinda like Myspace.

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