Park Seo-yeon makes $9,000 a month by eating in front of a webcam for 3 hours a day. Apparently paying pretty ladies to eat on the internet is a new fad. They’re calling it gastronomic voyeurism, but I’m calling it my ideal gig. Seriously, I would be a total pro! And if she’s making $9,000 for 3 hours a day, imagine how much she could make if she was working full time. That’s, uh, let’s see here. *counting on fingers* Carry the one annnnd that comes out to be a lot of f***ing money. She needs to optimize her time, man! On second thought, no, she’s squandered this opportunity. Time for her to step aside and let the REAL professional eater take over: me. Clearly I’m talking about me.

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  1. Anthony Ramirez

    I blame those girls from the Carl’s Jr. commercials. Pretty soon kids are going to be giving their lunches to bullies just to watch them eat it, two people eating the same sandwich… this can only lead to double dipping! Yeah I said it