Remember Real Life Barbie Girl? Me too. And how could I forget? The images have been burned into my memory forever. But now it appears there’s more to Real Life Barbie Girl aka Valeria Lukyanova: outerspace. She’s an alien! That explains everything nothing. But don’t take my word for it! You’ll have to watch Space Barbie, a mini doc by VICE. Our girl Valeria dons a beard (hey, that’s not very Barbie-like!), carries a snake, and talks about spirituality, outerspace, and her past lives of being like powerful sorcerer or whatever. Jk, she was a king in her past life, not a sorcerer. Still! It’s real… interesting. It’s the kind of crazy talk that, in comparison, makes Scientology seem like a super rational and reasonable religion. We’re all million year old aliens on the inside!

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Via: The Huffington Post