Losing cellular data on your iPhone happens spontaneously, one thing it is highly functioning, and then the next thing is it is not working. Sometimes, you can still receive a phone call or even be able to make one, but you cannot receive or send any data transmission in things such as iMessage, web, online applications, and social media. 

In our generation, iPhones and other smartphones are the most useful and essential tool that has the capability of efficient accessibility. So, if you’re having an issue or facing a complication in accessing your cellular data at some point, it is understandable that you are livid. One good thing about the issues of mobile data problems on iPhones is they are easy to fix, and most of these connection problems just need a little tweaking of the settings since it might just be accidentally toggled. 

Before we begin our journey to troubleshoot cellular data issues, it is important to say that we sometimes encounter this problem, assuming that you are not just in a poor coverage area. It is time to jump right into it and ease your frustration. This article will show a thing or two on what to do when your iPhone has some cellular data connection problem and how to fix it for good.

Restarting iPhone

Restarting your iPhone is the simplest, most basic, and most straightforward thing in an imaginary handbook on how to fix mobile data on iPhone. And if you contacted the Genius Bar upon encountering this issue, its recommendation would also try to turn your phone off and then on. So, give it a shot because the simplest and most basic tricks work very well in tons and tons of situations.

All you have to do to turn off your iPhone is hold down your iPhone’s power button until your phone shows and display the “Slide to Power Off.” Then slide it to the right. After that, turn it on by holding down the power button.

Re-insert SIM Card

So, if it is still not working after turning your iPhone off and on, then your SIM card’s metal surface is faulty or grimed. To verify the issue, try to remove and re-insert your SIM card on your phone. The first thing is to switch off your iPhone and remove your SIM card. Wipe your SIM card down to remove the dust and dirt building upon it. After cleaning it, re-insert your SIM card and switch your iPhone on.

By doing this, your iPhone will be forced to re-read the card and bring your cellular data into action. And if it is still not functioning, it is the best thing to seek for professional help and replace it with a new SIM.

Reset Network Settings

If the previous tips somehow failed to resurrect your cellular data connection, there is a possibility that the problem could be that there is something that has been altered in the Network Settings. Your next best move is to reset your Network Settings. To do this, go to your phone Settings application and then press the General option then select Reset in which you will have three options you have to choose ‘Reset Network Settings’ to confirm that action enters your iPhone’s password.

This will help since it will revert any of the altered settings back to default. This action will also wipe out all of your saved Wi-Fi networks, which will also help you face Wi-Fi connection problems.

Check for Software Update

When there is a new update in iOS, there seems to be a ton of various system maintenance that is performing right under your nose, so it would be beneficial to install the latest software update on your iPhone. Thus, in this way, it would fix the bugs and improve the mobile data service and connection of your iPhone.

All you have to do is open your Settings application, then under the General option, select the one with the ‘Software Update.’ A message will pop-up, and you have to confirm the action to install the iOS update.

Contact your Carrier

If you have reached this point trying all the presented solutions above and your cellular data is still not working, you need to seek help and contact your carrier. The issues in your account or the carrier affect the quality of your service. Thus, through this, you could verify things like if your account is still active or if you have no outages to prompt this problem or you may have forgotten to pay the bill, or maybe other issues that are preventing your phone from accessing the cell network.


Having trouble with the mobile data on your iPhone is not a strange problem in iPhones. Sometimes the cellular data just stops working, and you will have to perform these simple steps and to encounter the cellular-data-not-working bugs. And at some point, if these primary steps still leave your cellular network not functioning, I suggest visiting your nearest Apple Store.


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