I’ve heard of Smellovision, but Tasteovision sounds more up my alley. A, I have a bad sense of smell and B, I love food. That said, this new invention isn’t called Tasteovision, but it might as well be! Nimesha Ranasinghe has developed a prototype for a digital taste stimulator. The device emulates sweet, sour, salty, and bitter tastes by generating current signals througha silver electrode which also delivers varying levels of heat. Basically it’s tongue trickery. Yep, tricking your tongue into tasting what I imagine is sweet, sweet (or sour, sour or salty, salty or bitter, bitter) deliciousness. Eventually it should correspond with television: see a tasty commercial? Press the lollipop-like device to your tongue and taste it! That sounds amazing. I’m gonna permanently change the channel to the Food Network and let the digital taste stimulator do its thing. Do its thing until I starve to death and die. But die happy because, mmm, Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives is on next.

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  1. You know you thought about it

    Just don’t use it while watching bukkake porn. ugh…

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