Facebook has over two billion monthly active users. This makes it a lucrative platform to advertise your business. An effective marketing strategy can help you reach more than 1,000 potential customers in less than $10.

Advertising On Facebook- 

In today’s razzmatazz-driven world, appearances matter the most. The way you present yourself makes people form a judgment about you and, in turn, plays a determining role in your reputation. Similar is the case of Advertisements. The looks of an Ad are the single most decisive factor which may lead to a customer either ignoring it or clicking on it.

However, there is a battery of “attractive” Ads on FaceBook, and it’s like a digital format of Times Square. Thus, it becomes imperative to stand out from the crowd. Here are two tricks that may help you in developing an attractive ad:

1- Use multiple profiles to know what’s being shown to the targeted audience- this way, you will be able to map the types of ads and advertisers targeting your audience.

2- Learn from the best- observe and learn from the ads which caught your attention. This may help you in innovating and inculcating ideas into your ads.

Guide To Make Most Eye-catching Ads.

1- Usage of the brand- Use the brand name and logo just enough times. When it appears in more than one place, it catches the attention of the customer.

2- Incentivising the click – multiple ads use phrases like “take a quiz and win an iPad!”. This is how they entice the customer to click on the ad.

3- Make it look like a ‘now or never’ offer- Use phrases like “Last chance” to deliver the message of the scarcity of time. This makes people click on the ad.

4- The Illusion of FREE- if you are offering something free with the services, it looks like an incentive to the customer into availing your services.

5- Humor- who doesn’t like humor. Such Ads leave an imprint in the minds of the customer.

6- Use of distorted images- No one has got the time to read everything on the page, let alone the ads. Over-emphasizing the specific portions of your image used can grab the attention of customers.

7- Use color- Strategic use of colors that make your ad stand out can be a game-changer for your marketing.

Capitalize On the Power of Facebook Ads. 

Doing all this by yourself might be a Herculean task in itself; you may require some expertise.

Australian Internet Advertising is a FaceBook ads agency that provides expert services to clients who want to accelerate their marketing on Facebook. With a huge base of satisfied customers, they provide world-class services to their customers. Experts understand the uniqueness of your brand and tailor a solution that’s exclusively best for you. They have the know-how to make wonders happen.

Australian Internet Advertising (AIA) is one of the very few most preferred FaceBook marketing partners in Australia. AIA is the final stop to your search for growing business on FaceBook.

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