Essentially Instagram ads are either posts or stories that are uploaded after being paid for by a brand. These features help promote a brand and its products. They look a lot like any other post but have the “Sponsored” label on them. They also often appear in the form of a “call-to-action” option in order to create traffic or bring about conversions.

Advertising on Instagram is done by paying money in order to post content that is sponsored. This helps expand your audience and reach a larger number of people in a short time. The more and more followers you have on your profile, the more will be the growth in engagement. So it is preferred by many marketers to buy instagram followers for your profile. There are multiple reasons why Instagram is growing rapidly as a tool for advertising and marketing for numerous companies. Emerging brands with a limited budget view Instagram as a safe option for advertisement purposes. It ensures an increase in exposure, helps create a strong and impactful presence online, generates traffic to websites and attracts new potential customers.

Even though it has been 10 years since Instagram began it is still one of the most used social media platforms till date. With more time it is only attracting more and more users which means that if used in the right way, by using the perfect strategies for your brand, Instagram advertising can definitely prove to be extremely beneficial. If your business is related to ecommerce then Instagram can be a primary reason for your growth and success as it is, without a doubt, the ideal platform to shop from. By incorporating Instagram into business’s marketing strategy a brand can definitely witness progress in terms of reach because this platform is coming up with novel effective features which can be used to benefit the business. 

The best part about using this platform is that it has been proved in the past how effective advertising through Instagram is. According to surveys conducted recently it can be seen that 60% of Instagram users come across new products and brands while using the app. They are introduced to new pages almost every hour and 75% of this lot even takes an action on being exposed to these pages and brands. On finding a product or service they have been looking for a long time, people tend to immediately buy it online as it is convenient. 

Being an essentially visual platform, texts are not used mostly. Instead eye-catchy videos and striking images are used to reach the desired audience. Much like Facebook ads, investing money in Instagram ads also ensures improved exposure of your page and helps you control who can view your content. 

In the absence of video ads you can use the in-built features of Facebook in order to create an impactful ad for your followers. You can select your photo or image on the ad level. After this you can use Video Creation to add special effects, templates, text in order to make your image look more visually appealing. These tools help add motion to the still image. 

Instagram advertising gives a lot of valuable insights about the ad and how well it is doing on the platform. Each and every aspect of the ad is analysed. The statistics is clearly provided and one can decipher the reach, the number of people that have viewed the ad and their response to it. This information is highly useful to track the progress of your business and understand customer behaviour. Whatever is known from here can be used to monitor businesses in other platforms too; this promotion over various social media sources can be uber profitable for the brand.

A majority of the Instagram population is a residence of urban areas. It consists of mostly youngsters, ranging between the ages of 18-29. The older people only constitute about 11% of the entire user percentage. Initially the users were mostly women however over time the difference between both the genders has reduced. 

As time passes and Instagram continues to grow it will attract more middle-aged people just like Facebook.

Just like other social media platforms used for advertising, Instagram has the ability to minutely target your desired audience- according to age, gender, interests, pattern of Instagram likes and shares and a lot more. The ads are curated especially for those who are like-minded and share similar tastes and preferences online. 

As the platforms of Instagram and Facebook are somewhat linked, Instagram ends up using the demographic data that has been derived from Facebook. This helps provide ads for the perfect audience. By linking your Facebook page to your Instagram account through the Business Manager settings option, then adding Instagram via Ads Manager sets the ad perspective right. 

Cost of Instagram advertising is dependent on a number of different factors, most of which are unknown to us. It is based on the concept of CPC or “cost per click” and CPM or “cost per impression”. The prices are dependent on the ad auction of Instagram.

These ads are under heavy influence of the audience and the feedback that is received on your ads. The cost however can go really high making this process expensive.

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