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Using social media as a promotion instrument brings new horizons for brands. Yet, this job can’t be done just by posting content. To save your time and effort, you need to be familiar with all the latest marketing trends that can help you boost your account. Let’s see what they are and learn how you can use the online Instagram photo downloader tool to your advantage.

What Techniques Will Push Your Profile Forward?

A deep dive into current tendencies allows you to see what aspects you should pay attention to first. Based on this, it’s easier to build the right promotion strategy. When you are looking for opportunities to grow your business through socials, this is the best way to start. So, let’s explore the current:

  • AI usage. This is an even bigger talking point than before. But let’s put some things straight: you can’t entirely rely on AI when working with content. Human-made storytelling continues to prevail over robotics and gets more audience attention. However, nothing is holding you back from using artificial intelligence as assistance to various tasks: help with targeting, analytics, monitoring, messaging, and scheduling. In this case, AI will serve you well, so you can get substantial benefits from it.
  • Video content. For some time now, video clips have been the best method to engage with followers. And nothing is going to change. Stay original to stand out from competitors. Also, try out live-streaming because this form of communication gains more impulse.
  • Social networks go after websites. This is where things get interesting. Data shows that people are starting to use apps like Instagram or TikTok to find information instead of searching sites. The role of the hashtags you write in your posts has become more important than ever. Work on your bio, and captions, and add alts to Instagram photos.
  • User-generated content. Statistics show that users trust a brand if they see other people successfully using their product. It’s no longer just about the customers talking about their purchases. Posts from employees also increase brand performance on socials.
  • Humor and entertainment. Even big companies are starting to post jokes or memes about some aspects of their work. This helps to get connections with followers. However, it shouldn’t go against brand style and authenticity.
  • The automated tools. Don’t be bound by some limits. These instruments allow you to pull extra abilities from social media apps. Let’s know more about them using the Insta Photo Downloader as an example.

How Does the Instagram Photo Downloader Solve Annoying Moments With Pictures on IG?

Pictures are still an important part of the IG app, even considering the popularity of video content. We interact with images constantly, from viewing colorful photos to exploring new products. It’s a matter of time before you get the urge to download a photo from IG to your device’s memory. That’s where the catch is, if it’s someone else’s profile, you can’t do this. Taking a screenshot isn’t the same as downloading an image. For this reason, you need the Instagram Photo Downloader to save IG the photo in high quality.

You get real benefit if the tool is easy to use, otherwise, what’s the point? For these tasks, try the best Instagram Photo Downloader from Toolzu and save any image online from the link:

  • Copy the URL of the post.
  • Paste it into the insert bar on Toolzu’s image downloader page.
  • Click the Download button.

It’s just one part. There are more advantages to completing the picture:

  • Toolzu’s Instagram Photo Downloader fits equally for PC, iPhone, or Android.
  • The instrument is free.
  • The tool is safe to use, you don’t need to register or download another app.

If you want to save a photo from an IG story, you can also do so on the Toolzu website, using the IG Story Saver.


Pay attention to current social media marketing trends. Keep an eye on the best practices and make them part of your advancement strategy. Don’t swim against the flow, catch the wave and move forward with it!

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