Instagram is big. Anyone who has been using the internet for some time for browsing or entertainment has heard of Instagram. It has hundreds of millions of active users which is why brands and businesses are competing with each other to promote their products and services on this platform. If you want to boost your business using Instagram and want to increase engagement on Instagram posts then this list can help you. These ways are conventional ways to gain followers and grow your business. We have also included paid services like buy Instagram followers because engagement is needed to generate leads. Nowadays there is a wide range of different Instagram growth services out there and therefore researching a few different ones before you invest is strongly recommended. Growthsilo for instance is a great option if you are looking to boost your Instagram engagement – you can learn more about the services that they offer on their website here:

Build A Strategy

If you want to get better at promotion on Instagram then you need to have a solid strategy. A good strategy can help transform your online performance and presence. So, before you try to do anything else you need to sit down and formulate a plan. This is because your plan will help you determine how good your advertising and marketing is going on. Without a strategy, it will be quite difficult to measure your success. You have to do a lot of guesswork to see if your promotion is working which will hinder you from achieving your true potential on social media. Having a set goal and objective always help you to have a clear view. Do you want to generate leads or sell more products? Or do you just want to create brand awareness? You need to know what you want to achieve. Thus, your actions will be optimal as they will be directed towards something. Now, what are the things that you need to plan ahead? The things that you need to plan ahead are who is your target audience, the type of content you would want to post, the schedule of your posts, the goals and objectives and the budget you will spend. All of these are very important in determining how effective your Instagram promotion will be. 

Understand Your Audience

This will be a part of your strategy building. But we want to elaborate on this because it is one of the most important parts of social media marketing. If you know anything about marketing, promotion and advertising then you know that people plan everything around their target audience. This is because they want to spend all their effort in trying to create ads and promotional materials to reach people that would actually want to buy their product or service rather than spend their time and effort on people who may not be interested in the product itself. This optimum use of time, money and effort can provide them a better return on their investment. The same is very much applicable to social media marketing as well. You need to research your audience. You need to find out their age group, their location, gender, at what time they are online etc. These options can help you a lot in not only creating content that will be tailored for your target audience to like but also know when to post to increase engagement on Instagram

Optimal Usage of Hashtags

This is another very important step that you need to follow for increasing your followers on Instagram. Hashtags have become quite popular on social media and today almost all platforms implement the usage of hashtags. Hashtags are a way for people to find content on Instagram to look for content that they are interested in. Hashtags are basically words or phrases that have the hash symbol, ‘#’, in front of them. People who follow certain hashtags or engage with posts of certain hashtags will get recommended content on their explore page. This is why many brands and businesses who want to increase their exposure on Instagram and reach new potential audiences use multiple hashtags in their posts. Now, you cannot bombard your posts with hashtags as if you use too many then the engagement will be low. In general, try to not put more than 10 hashtags in your posts. Hashtags fall under four categories, general popular hashtags, industry-specific hashtags, niche-specific hashtags and brand hashtags. The last one is something unique to your brand. It can be your brand name or a hashtag that you have created to promote your campaign. Industry-specific Hashtags are the ones that represent a certain industry or field for example fashion. Niche-specific hashtags are more specific than the previous one. While fashion is an industry-specific hashtag gothic fashion is a niche one. Try to target the niche audience as you will get more engagement and since the group is small you do have more chances to generate a lead if you do manage to reach them.

What Content To Post

Social media platforms are not marketplaces at their core or rather the people who generally use these platforms do not treat it as such. But a lot of people are motivated to buy a product after seeing it on social media platforms. The thing is that people do not like being sold something. So, if you directly start selling them stuff they probably won’t like it and unfollow your page or ignore your posts. The posts that work more on social media platforms like Instagram are educational or informative posts and entertaining/funny videos. These posts increase engagement on Instagram. This is why the bulk of your Instagram posts should be entertaining or educational. User-generated videos should be good enough that people should consider sharing it with their friends and relatives. In the middle of such posts, you can post content related to promoting your product or service but be creative about it. But most of the content should be an entertaining one. Also, do not shy away from using paid ads to increase exposure if you have the budget for it as it can work in your favour and widen your reach and gain you, new followers, generate more leads, make more sales etc

Engage With Your Followers

Increasing your followers on Instagram does not only mean that increasing your exposure and gaining new users. It also includes keeping the users who already follow your profile. If they get bored and start leaving then your new followers will probably do the same. So, try to keep your followers loyal. One of the best ways to do this is to engage and interact with them. There are many ways to do this and if you are just starting out and you have fewer followers you can be intensive with this. You can always try to reply to the comments on your posts. Also, try to comment on the posts of your followers. Ask your followers to share their photos with you while using your product or service and share the content on your profile. You can do it via Instagram story. Instagram stories can also be used to hold q&a sessions with your followers where they ask you questions and you reply to them. Also, don’t be shy to directly message your followers to ask them to support you by sharing your content. But the content needs to be shareable. 

Social media marketing is all about being patient and being relentless. You have to not only work hard but work smart as well. You can, of course, buy Insta followers for cheap to increase your followers but these followers will not engage with your posts which is very much required if you are running a business. If you can use the social proof gained by buying followers to your advantage do check it out. But for the purpose of this list, we decided to not include it as engagement is very important. We hope you learned something from this list and wish you all the best.

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