After a hefty tuition fee, accommodation, and other living expenses, it will indeed be challenging to find room for software in a student budget. However, some programs are indispensable in education. Especially if you are a design or engineering student. So you might have to rely on technology heavily. 

So, we did some groundwork to find out how you can get your hands on the most useful software without having to break your bank. Here are some of the websites that can give you access to free programs. 

Giveaway Radar 

When it comes to finding and downloading free software legally, your best option is to keep an eye out for giveaways. Of course, it might take time to land these promotions on your own, which is why you need to check out Giveaway Radar. 

This is not a free software site, but it can point you to other sites that offer free software at the moment. The website has a collection of long-term giveaways as well. The only categories you won’t find here are the anti-virus and VPN giveaways. 


Say you want to download and install a few programs. You could find extra time by searching ‘write my essay for me’ to find an essay service to take care of your pressing assignments. Or, you could head over to Ninite and download them all at once. 

All you have to do is select the apps you need, and the website will download a custom bundle with all the programs you had chosen. Ninite is well-known for its safety and security. You do not have to waste any time selecting the installation choices. It will do all the work in the background while ensuring that there is no malware risk or bundled garbage that will affect your PC. You can also use the installer file to update the programs you downloaded later. 


One of the most helpful websites for students to find free software is SharewareOnsale. The site can set you up with free versions of software and also offer discounts if you cannot find an unpaid app. 

You can find software not only for Windows or Mac but also for your Android and iOS devices. 


This source is one of the largest download sites on the internet. Whether you are looking to run business ideas in lockdown or a game to take a break from work, Softpedia has got you covered. The most popular programs are updated on a daily basis. Meaning – you will have access to the most recent versions of apps that are clean and malware-free as well. 

You can also filter the software you want with categories, last modified, and cost. Whether you favor Windows, Linux, Mac, or Android, Softpedia has a great collection that will curb your needs. 

Download Crew

Download Crew features a long array of software that ranges from free to paid. The exhaustive list includes open-source programs, trial versions, the license only, beta testing, and many more categories for you to choose from. 

Moreover, you can find useful descriptions on each app provided by real users, giving you an idea of what the app does, its advantages, and its drawbacks. If you are not looking for a specific program to download but know what you want it to do, Download Crew can be a useful website to bookmark your browser. 


If you do not want any distracting elements on your download site, FilePuma will welcome you with a clean interface. The most popular downloads will be listed on the homepage. If you want to download VLC to know which shows to watch or install a VPN to add to your privacy, you can simply search for the specific software on the site. 

Apart from that, there is no other information such as reviews or feedback. However, you will still have access to everything you need, such as screenshots and an Update Detector. 


Unlike the other sites listed here, MalwareTips has a few other features along with giveaways. It also gives you access to tech news, communities, and forums to support you in gaining the best user experience with the latest technology. 

Most of the software available on this site is security-related. But when you are a student always online on a public network, malware protection is vital. 

Your Campus Resources 

Finally, colleges and universities also partner with software companies to provide students with access to programs. These charges would also be included in your tuition fee- so you do not have to feel guilty about taking advantage of them. For instance, if you are an art student, your college might be able to get you a user license to Photoshop. Or, architecture students can get their hands on AutoCAD or Revit through their college itself. 

There are plenty of sites online that can get you free software. When you download from them, make sure that you are not safe from unexpected malware attacks.

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